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  1. I have been playing the demo now for a bit and I was wondering... If the A10 has no radar then how are the targets spotted? I know that ground forces can designate and that a FAC can also. But how would the FAC (in an A10) see them? Wait for a spike and look in that direction? Is it just a case of keeping your eyes peeled or is there some other way IRST for example? Oh and why doesn't it have a ground radar?
  2. Track IR Who has it

    Absolutely dead on. Once you get the dead zone and speed adjusted to your liking there's no going back. It sounds awkward but it really isn't. It is an amazing bit of kit. Everyone should have one.
  3. Track IR Who has it

    I have had it about 1 month now and I wouldn't be without it. After playing FB with it and being able to look around and follow the enemy (never have used padlock since) I would highly recommend it. When going back to F4 ot something that doesn't support it, it feels quite restrictive and I find that I am turning my head trying to look around. In answer to those who think it is cheating, we are supposed to be simulating real life and real pilots can look around. If they didn't I would guess they wouldn't survive very long. Even just turning becomes easier as you look where you are going as you would in R/L. Summary: Buy it. As more and more games support it it will become as essential as HOTAS and rudders. Buy it. Buy it now.

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