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  1. Virtual Carrier Wing Three Virtual Carrier Wing Three has just launched to the public and has currently opened its doors to new recruits. We are a new Virtual Carrier Wing (VCW) that strictly fly’s FSX with the VRS Superbug along with other naval aircrafts of the Task Force (TF). The wing is based on naval operations of the United States Navy and is based on the operations of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN75). We understand that there are many other virtual military wings out there and we hope that we can build and develop the same amount of respect and professionalism as they have achieved. That been said, we are looking for individuals who have the desire for realism and building a community we all can be proud of. We have a dedicated server that is running 24/7 operations. Currently, CVN75 is in their training cycle and is underway (out at sea), sailing certain routes which changes on a bi-weekly basis. Current squadrons for Virtual Carrier Wing Three are: o VFA-32 "Fighting Swordmen" o VMFA-312 "Checkerboards" o VFA-37 "Ragin Bulls" o VFA-105 "Gunslingers" o VAQ-130 "Zapper"s o VAW-126 "Seahawk"s o HS-7 "Dusty Dogs" o VRC-40 Det I "Rawhides" So whether you want to fly with a fighter Squadron, helicopter squadron, AWACS; come check us out at http://www.virtualcarrierwing3.com and join our Wing. We’re glad to have you aboard. Once you sign up you will be required to complete an O-Flight and begin training at KNPA and KNSE on the T-34 and T-45 A/C as a Student Naval Aviator(SNA). Upon completion, you would have earned your "Wings of Gold" and will move into a squadron of your choice. So come help us build this wing to a new high standard. Yours Truly, Mark “Wood” Killen Commanding Officer VCW3

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