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  1. Hey Caesar ! I knew the method about adding the new maps in the "Terrain" folder. And you are right: for the recent maps it is said if it can be installed with WoV or not (most of the time the maps are buit for SFP and with luck they work for WoV). About the complete method, you were right: I found some help somewhere in the forum and now I know how to replace the famous desert.cat by the VietnamSEA.cat file ! But I have to admit that since the game is not too recent I often see comments like "as usual" or "same method as previous mods" ... so for a poor newbie that was not easy to begin ! Thanks anyway for your help, CIAO ! Lipo
  2. Hi folks I have just installed WoV with latest patch (the game has been released again in Europe). Now I have seen many nice maps to add but it always refer to some ".cat" files and to some "Strike Fighters Project" sub directories... my question is : where can I find maps that are compatible with WoV and how exaclty can I install those maps ? Thanks for any help, sorry: I warned you, this is a newbie question ;) Lipo
  3. Hey Buff ! Thanks alot for the "vietnamSEA.cat" information. It works fine for most of the maps... I have only one problem: I always appear off runway in single missions in new terrains... normal ? (or maybe the runway itself doesn't appear, I don't know) Anyway the maps seem to work with the mission builder you have pointed ! It will take me a couple of days to understand how to handle it but with the online tutorial that should be good ! Your help was really nice, thanks a lot ! Lipo
  4. Hi folks I am a very new user of WoV and I am interested in two things: 1) making my own missions/campaigns 2) Flying over new terrains I have already found some stuff here and on other forums but I find it difficult to add new terrains. As an example I am always asked about the desert.cat file or something like that... but I cannot find it. Can anyone give me instructions (or links) to help me add new terrains in WoV ? On the other hand I would like to build new missions using some of the wonderful planes available over here (You plane makers are really excellent artists, thanks a lot for sharing) but I cannot find a mission builder working for WoV... I also beg for help on that point. Any help is welcome, have fun ! Lipo

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