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  1. Papa Smurf, thanks for the Video. But I still cannot ge the Mission to load. But I tried another mission from the Downloads at Combat Ace, I downloaded it and put in the missions folder, it worked ! The only thing I can tell is I may not have the right A-6A, do you know where I can download the A-6A at? Or- Do you think it something else? -KNOBY
  2. Thanks for the reply: I am still having trouble. I have a missions folder, the MSN file in there but when I run game it will not pick it up. But, I am making progress, and here is what I found out, by the way thanks for sharing the link on the Mod discussion. So, I went to the CombatAce Downloads and downloaded an another mission " Kfir C2 Strike 1 (Mig's Taking Off) ". When I placed it in my Strike Fighters 2 "Missions" Folder. The mission was found in the Drop Down. So the only thing I can think that could be the problem is my A-6 Flyable Aircraft. It is a mod that I downloaded called Flight of the Intruder. Which A-6 Do I need to download from Combat Ace? I am thinking if you do not have the right aircraft the mission will not load.
  3. Thank you Sir for the mission, but I have run into head space and timing. Mostly “my head and coordination with my hands on the keyboard” LOL!. The mission that I downloaded from you is not showing up in SF2 Vietnam Menu Single Mission- Mission File Name Drop Down, no "Lights Out". I do have Windows XP, and I am running SF2 Vietnam. Where do I insert the Mission *.* MSN File? I tried Desktop-Users-Thirdwire-SF2 Vietnam- added to Missions Folder...It did not work, then I just placed the file in the SF2 Vietnam directory no work either. I had to build my director earlier it is Thirdwire-SF2 Vietnam- Then Inside it is...<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"> \Screenshots \Controls \Effects \Flight \Missions \Objects \Pilot Data \Sounds \Terrains -Options Config File -Version Config \Menu 2nd question is, I have the " Mission - Campaign Editor by TK, I have made some missions, but those missions " Show Up in the the Drop down in Mission File name-Load Missions page, and they work. But where do they reside in the directory of the program itself? Help ….Whats my next Vector Papa Smurf?
  4. Okay to Me Fubar, Any chance when you work on the mission I can assist? Do you do remote desktop?
  5. Request Mission (Hanoi Down Town Strike) Could you create a mission, in which I fly in SF2 Vietnam, that I fly a A-6 off an Aircraft Carrier, and then go on a bombing run (Strike) on (Primary)Buildings-Named "NVA Prison", Runways, Convoys AA ECT...I would like to encounter (Normal) ground defense and (Low) air defense. Prefer Enemy Aircraft to be (1) Mig-21 and (2) Mig-15, I would like to be accompanied by (2) A-6 Friendly. Would there be a chance to (Time In) the MIGS at the end of the mission when I fly back from the bombing run to my Carrier. My request for load out is (2) Side-Winder, Gun Pod, (2) MK series, (1) Cluster. Thank you for your help Sir, is there anything I can do for you...
  6. Question - I have downloaded the A-6 (Flight of the Intruder) Aircraft \Object Mod. I installed it in Aircrafts for Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam. It works well. I would like to setup a First Mission, where I could have an A-6 launch from a Carrier, and do a bomb mission with heavy ground defense and a normal air defense. I have never created a mission before, and I would like to create one mission first. What is it I am going to need and is there a template and tutorial I can use on how to add the objects? I believe what I will need is Terrain, Buildings, Time, Weather, Carrier, Water: Then Ground Defenses and Enemy Aircraft...
  7. Just Curious. Are there any Flight Sims that simulate CCRP?
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the advice. I noticed in the 4rth generation aircraft in SF2 Europe\Israel: F-15, F-16. Harrier... and A-10. They have some type of Target-Bomb Rectile, are those used for Dive bombing or Strafe Bombing at 10,000 feet? Also for conversation puposes, do Modern 4rth Gen Aircraft have a bombing system(s), Where they do not have to dive bomb? They use a a Bomb System, kind of like "DIANE" for the A-6 Intruder.
  9. Now that I am hooked on Strike Fighters, I have discovered the thrill of bombing. However it takes some skill toward it. I would like to open this chat up, saying that I am using the F-4. What's enjoyable about the F-4 is you can load he up to the teeth. What is the best way to bomb at low level and high level altitudes? What are my steps for Radar Configuration and Settings, and are there different bombs for different role missions?
  10. Thanks, for the useful information. A question though, when you go to an Airshow and see a Harier Hover up off the ground. Is it using a combination of throttle and thrust vector? what is their operation?
  11. Okay..so basically I need to have a little throttle and balance the thrust vector control as well... Or do you recommend anything else?
  12. Anyone having trouble with the Harrier's Takeoff and Landing - VTOL "Thrust Vector Control"? I just installed Strike Fighter 2 Europe; (I’m having a great time by the way)... But when, I fly the GR 1-3 Harrier(s). I’m experiencing some Gimble Lock issues.. I noticed if I take off on Base and try to hover above (Ascend-take off - up). I cannot take off; when trying to get the aircraft to go up then the nose of the aircraft falls back down. Other Scenario is I am starting a mission in the air, and I want to hover all the way down to the ground (Descend). Once I cut my throttle to Zero, and maneuver my Thrust vector. I drop in altitude; I go down, cannot hover in altitude or control my descent. So I talked to a few folks on the Forum here, then they said that my "Stores" - Ordinance my be too heavy for take off and land. I generally am “Armed to the Teeth” and do have 30,000 lbs plus loaded Fuel and Bombs, and few MATRAs LOL... I know my CONFIG on my CH Combat Axis Wheel is set and when I do an external view on my aircraft I can operate the thrusters with “Vector Control Feature mapped correctly “They Move Back and Forth". Also Note on the Strike Fighters 1 Europe, I had no trouble regardless of how much weight I had. So is this a new feature that is added to Strike Fighters 2 Europe, where the weight is causing the Aircraft to not hover? And as I remember one of the folks online here said that if I dump all my weapons on a run, then I should be able to Vector down , descending or ascending in hovering altitude at this point….Any Ideas?..on what the problem to this Symptom could be?

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