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  1. After listening again to the sounds. At least the Maximum AOA sound, its not that its speeded up, but that's its not the actual sound. The real sound has pauses between the beeps and goes like this. BI-BI BI-BI BI-BI LOMAC goes like this: BIBIBIBIBIBI
  2. I don't know if they have incorporated some of the new sounds in NATO jets which have childrens' (!) voices (apparently test show that fighter pilots respond better to them) or something but it sure sounds weird. i was very happy to see the AOA limiter sounds, although they still have some way to go with the US a/c sounds. That general warning beep-beep-beep that all a/c (NATO+OPFOR) have in LOMAC is annoying as hell!
  3. Satellite Photo Terrain? Shader Effects?

    Yep, the engine already supports high res satellite terrain texture, although the hire texture we're using is generic - we're waiting for the help of the argentinian geographic mapping institutes to provide these material, in the same way their air force kindly is providing all the technical references on Mirage and A-4s etc. The way we implemented it in the engine, means that at high alt we see a hires satellite photo (like Janes USAF), but it gradually and smoothly does a transition to a tile-based texture system (like IL2) for low altitude flying, or else we'd see a blurred satellite texture as these aren't suitable for low alt / high speed flight. But of course the tiles must match the features of the satellite photo for a smooth transition, a thing that doesn't happens at the moment because the satellite photo is just a temporary placeholder. The water at the moment already shows a simple reflection effect, and transparency - in fact it looks slightly like the water in IL2 (in excellent settings, not in Perfect settings), but one of the goals is to implement shaders - for this, we have a programmer dedicated (Gustavo) who will implement bump-mapped sea surface as arb dot3 or pixel shader. How does LOMAC achieve that spectacular terrain effect? I know it's sat photos high up, but you nevr really notice a transition to the low alt textures...Simply breathtaking immersion. LOMAC is light years ahead of IL-2 in terms of terrain IMO.
  4. Cretin those are all very valid points. I would love to contribute actively to any such squad and have done so for nearly 6 years now that I´ve been involved with with some of the greatest guys on the net. However, having been a Squad C/O in a multi squad unit, and having to develop and maintain a training curicullum plus all other flight ops, I know what kind of time commitment it takes. And unfortunately I don´t have that time today. I too hope that I can find something good to contribute in. Oh, and MadJeff, real world experience is something of great value to any such unit, so be sure you don´t stay solo! :)
  5. TC, A good group, especially if they are ¨hardcore¨ should take pride on the training its pilots receive. 5 Hotshots don´t make a good unit, they make 5 good pilots. A well organized and well focused group just needs the system, and the people with which to create pilots. That kind of group will be the winner in the long run. Its pilots will have gone through a comon syllabus, which besides teaching them valuable skills, can also help them share a common mentality, viewpoint and a closer bond than a unit that just takes in experienced guys and doesn´t attempt to string them together. Personally, although I do have my preferences with regard to favourite aircraft in the sim, I would join any unit that´s squared away and has its sh!t together. :) Let´s just hope that talented and visionary simmers are still out there in good supply. Maybe then we´ll see some good initiatives.
  6. I have been searching for a good squadron to join that flies LOMAC. However, I have seen very few of them compared to what I´m used to from IL-2 and Falcon 4, and furthermore I see that most of them lighter on the training and realism side. Also, I have yet to see one F-15 or A-10 unit (or even Russian ones for that matter) that pays tribute to the actual unit by using its designation, namesake, emblem etc. Dedicated LOMAC sites. Too few to even mention, and none of the size and scope that we´ve seen before. Does this reflect on the ¨lighter¨ aspect that the sim has? Is the game´s policy for openess or lack of, hurting community support? Maybe it´s just me, maybe it´s still early but I have been getting this subdued community support vibe. It´s been in the back of my head for over a week now so I though I should share it you guys here.
  7. For some reason the images won´t appear on my end...I´ll just get this Edit: Damn! Why do they appear when I post it but not when Jeff does?
  8. Vertigo...

    I have felt all that, (feeling like I´m banking when I´m actually straight and level) while flying, especially when humidity, clouds and visiblity are playng tricks on me. But on a clear day, as in the case of LOMAC, I can definately see the sea´s surface from quite an altitude, and thus judge my dive angle and how I´m gonna pullup if I want to skim the surface. Apart from the water textures however, I agree that overall, besides some minor gripes I have with the sky´s colours at dawn and dusk, LOMAC atmospherics are excellent. Edit= Check out this URL to see what I mean about larger mottles of different shades of blue to help distinguish the colour´s surface and give the feeling of a Sea and not a lake as we have now IMO. http://www.knights.ru/large/1.jpg
  9. I was wondering, will every aircraft in LOMAC have its own unique sounds, like the deistinctive F-15 AOA warning for example (ti-di-ti-di-ti...), or will we hear rather generic and fictitious betties in all Western Aircraft, with the Russian ones having a Russian accent (when Russian betty is disabled). Whoever flew Jane´s F-15 and remembers that AOA sound knows what I´m talking about. (It´s a great indicator to use while wishing to sustain-fight and while your head´s swinging around the cockpit).
  10. Hello folks! First post in this forum but I gotta say I really like what I ´ve read so far. I like the attitude, the courtesy and the family size of Biohaz! Now on to the point. While flying feet wet in LOMAC I continuously experience vertigos. Now, I do fly VFR single engine props, and regularly over water, so I have a feeling of what it´s like. Of course I rarely come tumbling down 20,000 feet in seconds while swinging my head to keep track of the target, but again, I can very safely judge my altitude and attitude at all times just by eyeballing the area. In LOMAC the sea is a killer. You never know youre about to join the dolphins until its too late. It seems to me that the water effects (although fantastic in their own right) lack certain features that would really help a pilot AND make the sea more realistic from medium to high altitudes. The sea IMO needs slight mottles of discoloration here and there, not just those small riples and waves, but broader surfaces with colour variations. (IL2FB isa good although not perfect example of what I´m talking about). Now I won´t go all the way and ask for waves or whatever, but flying the Su-33 and perforiming maritime ops will be seriously dangerous in LOMAC with the water effects as they are. Looking forward to your opinions... Cheers!

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