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  1. Hi all Downloaded the awesome A10 and had the gun no-fire problem (fixed that as per advice from these forums) and also found there was a no-silhouette-on-loadout-screen problem. To fix the latter, browse to the objects/aircraft/a10 folder then find the file called A-10A_loadout.bmp then rename it to A-10_loadout.bmp Then it will appear. If you want to be really sexy, you can do a flood fill with a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro 8, using the eyedropper to sample the surrounds of, say the loadout screen of the add-on plane F105, which has a working loadout silhouette. This makes the blank area around the silhouette the same as the blank colour in the rest of the screen. With a working gun and a snazzy loadout screen, this plane, in my opinion, is no longer a beta (although an actual A10 cockpit would be nice). All the best Stiaan (new poster to this forum but add-on veteran http://home.iprimus.com.au/mandcsilver http://home.iprimus.com.au/stiaan )

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