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  1. Is there a way to improve the sound of the cannon? IMO it doesn't sound very "cannony" Maybe something like in Battlefield 3?- A Brrrrrrrrr...
  2. Cannon Sound?

    Weak point is an understatement, I wonder if I can Patch in a BF3 cannon sound for the A-10, or the DCS sound?
  3. I recently downloaded Viper1's ""Fly all non-flyable aircraft except for 1". He lists instructions, but to me, they are not very clear. How to I put them into LOMAC to use?
  4. Adding A/C?

    What corresponding folders am I looking for? Names please? Instructions would be helpful. Do I need Modman?
  5. Adding A/C?

    What folders? What should I be looking for?

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