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  1. Hi All -- I have downloaded quite a number of missions (on the order of over 100) and I want to say THANK YOU, up front, to all of the authors who have shared the fruits of their talents, knowledge, and efforts. A number of the missions did not work when I installed them and I had a fair amount of difficulty figuring out what was wrong. Finally I wrote a program (written in REXX - Regina) which analyzes every mission I have and summarizes each Aircraft, Ground Object, and Ship involved in the mission. It then searches the installed Aircraft (from C:\pf\...\Objects\Aircraft), Terrains (from C:\pf\...\Terrains), and Ground Objects (from C:\pf\...\Objects\GroundObjectData.ini -- extracted from ObjectData.cat) to determine if any required "objects" are not installed. A summary is produced with each object not installed flagged so you can easily find what objects need to be downloaded. In some cases, the error is not in a missing download, but a mis-spelled object within the mission text - Things like F4e vs F-4e). At ANY rate, I am now in the process of running thru the results of the analysis on my missions and hope to have more running soon. The anaysis is written in a language called Regina (Rexx). It is a free language that can be downloaded if desired. Simply search Regina from Google type thing. I am willing to share the analysis code. If there is a central place where I can send it, I will be happy to do so. Just thought this may be useful to some of the world's Aces. Cheers, Ron
  2. Hi Howling1 -- Thanks for the thoughts ..... Actually, the interesting thing about this is when I "test" the MS SW FF Pro via Control Panel and Properties, it allows me to test all the buttons, but it DOES NOT provide the ability to test the feedback responses. The same stick, on my 98SE machine, DOES provide the ability to test the FF via the Control Panel and Properties. Soooooo, while I have no "reason" to expect FF to work on the Win XP machine, it in fact DOES work randomly (and so far ONLY on missions in SFP1 - No other games that I have). I HAVE re-installed the stick several times for the exact reasons that are going thru your mind, I suspect..... If anyone has additional thoughts based on this additional information, I am humbly all ears Thanks, Ron
  3. Hi All -- I am still a "Newbie", guys, and am hoping someone has the experience that will help explain (and capitalize) on what appears to be a random "feature" of some SFP1 missions. Every so often I run a mission and it has Force Fedback "enabled" on my MS SW FF Pro stick. It is not consistent, nor repeatable, but the most recent occurrence took place while running "Tet 2 Scramble" on a Win XP HE machine. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a way to implement it on an intentional and consistent basis?? Any thoughts willingly shared would be much appreciated......... Thanks, Ron
  4. Hi dfang -- WOW !!!!!! Thanks for spending all of that time and energy on "my" problem. I really appreciate the help and thoughtfulness..... I guess I will exercise the [Del] key this afternoon.... Thanks a TON, dfang.... Ron
  5. Hi dfang -- Runway.msn can be found in "Missions_PAK_3" (at this site). That is not the only mission that does this, but I would have to go back and re-run some to find other specific ones. I was toying with trying to change the text of the last target and the weighpoint position parameters, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Thanks for all of your thoughts and help.... Ron
  6. Hi dfang -- Thanks for the search pointer. I tried using the search at THIS site (I believe), but did not have any luck. So, I guess the SIMHQ is some sort of a "Top-Hat" site is it?? The detail on the mission structure is a bit beyond me at this tender point in my flight sim career. I have not created any missions, and in fact haven't even downloaded the Mission Editor yet. Guess I better get to it.... I guess there is no simple way to modify the "text" of an existing mission to accomplish this is there?? Thanks once again, Ron
  7. PS: dfang -- Sorry for the disjointed fragmentation of these posts .... Are you willing to share how you found the thread on "Mission Accomplished"?? Thanks, Ron
  8. Hi (Again) dfang -- Fantastic "find", dfang. I am pretty sure you pointed me to the exact thread I thought I had read earlier in my SFP1 "career"....... I'm not sure I know how to assign a target to a waypoint (in fact I have NO IDEA), but it certainly appears that solution feasability has been demonstrated..... I will go play and see what I can do.... In the mean time, if you (or anyone) has the time and generosity to provide a little detail on how to create a "target - waypoint link", progress would be made toward my day being made.... Thanks, Ron
  9. Hi dfang -- Thanks for your advice, counsel, and guidance, dfang -- AND for confirmation that changing the aircraft name in a mission will have the effect of successful replacement of the aircraft...... I have not tested things yet, but I am optimistic and appreciative.... And now off to simhq 001332....... Thanks, Ron
  10. PS -- to anyone who can help -- I have a secondary problem that has me buffaloed. Some missions require objects (usually aircraft) that I can't find - Even when I search many sites other than THE best one I have found. If I make a copy of a MIG29 for example, and change it to be a MIG28 by simply changing the names, will it "work". OR ... if I change the mission entries from "MIG28" to "MIG29", will THAT work?? This, incidentally, is the problem with the mission called "Yowza"...... Thanks, Ron
  11. Hi Buff and Golden Eagle -- The "stock" missions that come with the game, AND many of the "add-on" missions behave just fine. The Mission Accomplished is properly issued when I destroy the primary target. The "failure" only happens on some missions (and ONE time I ran a mission once with the msg issued up front, and subsequently it worked fine. I changed the "Rating for Success" parameter from 100 to 90 on that one and it worked. However, subsequent failing missions have 90% or less to begin with and changing does not SEEM to affect it. As Golden Eagle said -- It seems like a "Gremlin" is at work...... In addition, I THINK I saw this problem mentioned in a "forum" I read when I first logged on to this terrific site (not long ago). Unfortunately, I can't relocate it -- I've hunted and thought for several days before I created this thread. I THINK I recall a solution being mentioned as changing some parameter, and I have a vague recollection that it MAY have been something that WAS 100% and changed to any number less than 100. Is there a way to search the site for a "phrase" such as "Mission Accomplished"?? Perhaps I can find it that way. I really appreciate your help and patience. Buff. Anything you can think of that might help would be, as always, greatly appreciated. I also appreciate your confirming entry, Golden Eagle. It has most likely saved me an inconvenient re-install of the base and all the mods (quite a few in my case)...... Thanks, Ron
  12. Hi All -- I am a newbie, so please forgive what is probably the "obvious".... I have learned to use the Extractor Util, that some installations require (but don't mention) using Extractor to move a file "outside" of the .cat file, and I have successfully installed a number of Aircraft, ships, Missions, and Compaigns. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have produced this plethora of additions and improvements to an already GREAT game - Strike Fighters Project 1. When I start a number of missions (Runway being just ONE), the mission begins with "Mission Accomplished". Is there any "setting" that will cause the "Mission Accomplished" to be posted when the Primary targets are actually destroyed instead of "automatically" at the mission start?? Thanks, Ron
  13. Help Needed

    Hi All -- I suspect this is the wrong spot (I seem to have trouble finding "right spots"), but if you can forgive my newbieness ... Once I download an *.rar file, how do I actually install it?? Thanks, Ron
  14. Got to run an orderly ship you know Hi Buff -- I understand AND AGREE completely.... Thanks again, Ron
  15. Game related bugs should be posted in the forum for that game so this should have gone into SF/WOV General which is just where I'm about to move it ;) Hi Buff -- Golly -- I am TRULY sorry. I read too carelessly - honestly not "like me" at all. I will try to SHAPE UP..... Thanks for the kind assistance despite my inappropriateness. Ron

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