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  1. OK allenjb42, I'll try that, still got my stuck on ground problem though. Thanks mate.
  2. Do a search for the campaign tutorial, I think it explains that, and a lot more for you. There are other things to change too if you want older aircraft to fly outside it's real life era, something like 1965<-----change to 2010, but I can't remember where I saw that. Good luck, hope this helps.
  3. Hi Buff, I changed the instant action setting in options menu so I could see what it was like for takeoff, as I'm new to this sim, but now I can't get it to go back to starting "In air" or " near target". Haven't tried campaigns or missions yet, too busy downloading addon planes etc, and trying them out, also took about a week to find how to stop rolling, got that now. And Lex Luthor, I have only tried the p51 a few times, and I know about feeding on power gradually, and torque effects etc, but this is on bumpy grass (with trees, no strip), and it hits prop/cuts motor whichever way I try, other prop ones, Boomerang, Bf110, D3a1 Val are easy to use. Hope you can see my problem. Have tried changing start instant missions line in options from 0, to 1 and 2, as well, but still begins on ground. Thanks fellas
  4. OK, thanks, it's a bit hard to do that from up near Brisbane.
  5. Does anyone know how to get "Quick Action Missions" to start in the air or near target? Have tried selecting in "opptions" screen, but it won't change from ground takeoffs only. Tried editing the options files by hand as well, but no go. Doesn't worry me with jets, but tried using p51, and found this impossible, from in cockpit and outside, keep hitting prop on ground, engine stops, no mission. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  6. Just did some searches there (on site) and got...... "Search again"
  7. Thanks for that link JSF_Aggie, will see what I can do with that now.
  8. Hi Heck, thanks for the quick response. OK, will get SF Gold, since it has teh needed terrains etc. Don't know how I missed these games for so long, too much time with IL2 I think. Thank again.
  9. desert.cat from SFP1? VietnamSEA.cat from WoV? GermanyCE.cat Have bought this game Do any other terrain sets work with WOE, which I have, but for the life of me I can't find SFP1 or WoV here in Australia, just one selling Strike Fighters Gold, which I'm not sure has the files needed anyway. By that I mean the Photorealistic Desert by Polak or the other desert one by Deuces, or any of the others I found at majorLeesAerodrome(Korea, AmericaNW, DBS, Himalaya etc). Sorry, I'm a noob at this title, but not flight sims, and I'm trying to figure out how the terrains etc work. Thanks for any help.

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