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  1. Stupid me. ,I thought you had to use keys to steer, just found that you steer with your`stick` AFTER pressing `shift +/`. Thanks to ALL for your replies.
  2. Green AF- NWS light on, but /+shift doesn`t work. Neither does rudder control. Anyone else got any ideas ? This is really annoying me.
  3. `ataribaby` and `blackbird` both, Thanks for your replies and your welcome. I`ll try that out tomorrow `ataribaby`. `Blackbird` re` the PM, forget it, I sussed it out. [and yeah I am `thick`]. Thanks again both.
  4. Hello All, I`m an 80 yr old pensioner who has just developed an interest in flight sims. Due to poor health I cannot do much else to occupy my time. Can anyone tell me which key commands effect the nosewheel steering on the ground in Falcon 4.0 ? I can`t find anything related in the `in game` key commands box, and have had no success `fiddling around` with key combinations. I have asked this question on a couple of other sites and no one seems to have the answer. A basic question I know, but it does rather spoil things when after making a decent landing one simply careers off the runway and crashes. Help would be much appreciated !

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