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  1. Sixty Squadron RAF Needs Your Help

    Hello,I work on Sixty Squadron, RAF. We're a Bell 412/Griffin outfit based at Shawbury, England. You may fly some of our WWI aircraft! Right now i'm making a series of framed prints reflecting the squadron's illustrious history BUT World War I needs to come alive for our students - and I think I can make that happen by printing some screenshots of Sixty Sqn aircraft, mounting and framing them. They will then be passed every day by staff, students and visitors. Would you like to help? I've found a Morane Sauliner N in Sixty colors on this forum but cannot upload it here because I'm on a work PC. These are the aircraft I'm looking for, but they must be in Sixties colors.... Nieuport 16/17 Spad S VIII Morane Parasol Morane Type BB SE5/SE5A You can post them here (as I am able download), or email me at shy-dhfs60qhci010@mod.uk thanks for any help you can give, and remember, your screenshot could end up on our wall! Rick

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