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  1. Sci-fi game that you might like... and which needs you.

    This is a picture that is being updated twice per day - it will show our progress right here :) If someone would like to share our link, there it is: www.kickstarter.com/projects/dodogames/divine-space-sci-fi-space-arpg And welcome with the questoins/notices, I'm using them to improve our game/campaign.
  2. Sci-fi game that you might like... and which needs you.

    Thanks! Yes, I know what you are talking about - we got flooded on FB by KS proects with $500-1000k goal. Okay, there we go, one post below!
  3. Sci-fi game that you might like... and which needs you.

    I'm subscribed to the notifications and I'm working on our kickstarter campaign about 19-20 hours per day currently... so quick reply is like a reflex now. I remember Wing Commander. Loved it, though I was too young to understand dialogs (I didn't know english then). And Star Control - that I've played with dictionary (and actually this is how I've learned english - SC2 + MUDs).
  4. Sci-fi game that you might like... and which needs you.

    Eve is a great game. Great. But I couldn't manage to finish tutorial... not because it's complicate or boring (well, for me it was boring), but because I can't sacrifice so much time to complete just one tutorial quest. Game, imo, must be easy to get in and play - like chess, where you don't need to read tonns of books to play (though you need them to become a grandmaster). But everyone can play chess after 5 minutes of getting used to rules. Our game is named 'Divine Space', you can find it on KS or on our site - but still, not want to get bashed for advertisement so no link posting, sorry guys.
  5. Sci-fi game that you might like... and which needs you.

    Thanks, I'll share link as soon as I'll get approval :)
  6. Sci-fi game that you might like... and which needs you.

    Addendum: I'm subscribed to the thread, so I'll answer very quick (during campaign I'm sleeping just 3-4 hours per day, so most likely I'll get notification instantly).
  7. Hello everyone. My name is Anti A. Danilevski and I'm making video games. Glad to meet you all! I'm owrking on game that is a 3D space adventure, quest and ARPG, in hard sci-fi genre, with real-time combat and click-n-go controls. It's a mix of the spirits of such games as Star Control, Elite, and Space Rangers; this is simple gameplay comparable to Dark Orbit, with excellent, up-to-date three-dimensional graphics somehow comparable to Eve Online.When I'm saying 'good graphics', I actually means that: The action of the game takes place in a universe resembling our real world as much as possible: stars are located just where they actually are. We had to spend several months developing actual astronomical data and building a universe based on them. After playing it, you will know once and for all where the sun is located in our corner of the universe, which stars are closest to us, what their spectral classes are, planets... and much more. Here how our starmap looks like: Beside that, we have a deep scenario and world design (it's almost USP nowadays). We built our scenario based on current research. It's somewhat a prediction of the possible future - we are developing an educative game. I know, many of you loves cockpit view, so many likely won't like 3rd view. But for someone it still might be interesting - we are working on a physical flight system now (not so difficult as REAL newtonian physics, but it will work not bad too), so I think maybe will still enjoy our game. And there is a screenshot from the game: Why I'm here, popping out of nowhere? There are two reasons. First, I'm gathering feedback and opinions, this helps me to make a better game and notice if something wrong (thanks to some people I've already made few corrections). I've just joined, but that doesn't mean I'll throw my post and disappear. Second, we are now on Kickstarter, and this is where I need your backing, if you want to play a game like this. I'm not going to give you any links, because I myself hate spam and have really bad experience with it (yes, at the beginning I was naïve enough to create big threads with many pictures and videos, information... it was a good read, and good bans too). So, I ask permission to share a link. If not not, well, we can simply discuss our game and development! Best wishes, - Anti

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