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  1. How can I tranfer WOV aircraft to SFP1 ?

    Thaks again... I find everything You tell me. I'm going to install them :) Bye.
  2. How can I tranfer WOV aircraft to SFP1 ?

    Thank You again but when I instal the Thud listed above I cannot find the object/weapons folder to copy tanks in. I cannot neither find weaponsdata.ini file to add datas as explained in the readme file of F-105D-31.rar nor weapons editor. My game version is V05.13.05 with patch 1-2-3 and 3a installed. How can I install Tanks ??? Where are weaponsadata.ini and weapons editor ??? Thank You and excuse me for my bad english.
  3. How can I tranfer WOV aircraft to SFP1 ?

    Thank You... I think I'm doing like Fubar suggests. Only a question: Are Addon Planes Flyable ? I think so. As I told my intent is to play WoV Campaigns or missions with SF project 1 so if it is possible I would like to transfer missions from the first to the second game... Thanks a lot. Bye.
  4. I would like to know if it is possible to copy WoV aircrafts (IE F-105) to Strike Fighters. I noticed that add-ons work better in SF than Wov but in SF there are not many planes as in WoV and I cannot play linebacker 1 or 2. Sorry for my bad english but I hope You understand what i mean... Play Vietnam conflict as in WoV. Thanks a lot. Bye.

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