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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it Tristan! I am already working on the permission slip! Things look good in that regard. Its all about getting your feet wet I suppose, I still have a lot to learn! Thanks again! R/ Kludo!
  2. I dont mean to be rude here, but both of your posts are kind of well, Unneeded. Im searching for someone to help me out, not someone to tell me what I am or am not stuck with. Do you have some problem with me searching for help here? Kludo.
  3. Yes, I know it has a cockpit. Im looking for someone who is good at making cockpits to make a later version. ...
  4. Greetings, I have downloaded the F-5E Tiger II, from Column 5, made by "The Mirage Factory." A very very well done aircraft. Not to seem .... ungreatfull by any means, I was curious if anyone out there who is really really good at making cockpits would be willing to make a cockpit for the F-5E Tiger II made by "The Mirage Factory"? There cockpit is good, but its just off a little bit.... I have several cockpit photo's provided by a friend of mine from VFC-13 "The Saints". They fly the F-5E Tiger II out there as an adversary/aggressor. These cockpit photo's are totally legitimate and ofcourse credited to the US Navy. So if anyone would undertake the job I would be really greatfull, I would provide these photo's to help out if need be. Thanks, Hope everyone has a good day! R/ Kludo "VF-32 Swordsmen.... well VFA-32..." Civilian Email: surfbob5@hotmail.com

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