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  1. Hi all ! I´m have Strike Fighters Project 1 installed. One original and one for Korea War. But I have no weapons in the "Store Available list" I have install Weapon pack 1, 2, 3 and weaponpack 03jul06. In the original SF1 install, I have only the original aircraft. In the Korea War, is only the latest weaponpack I have "03jul06". What do I have to do, activate the weapons? For now, my aircrafts is emty. Have the latest patch update installed "oct2008b" Best Regard DennyBoy04
  2. No Gotha G.IV

    Hi ! I´m not abel to have the Gotha G.IV to show up in the single mission or in the "SPAD XIII Vs Gotha G.IV (x3) mission. I have downloaded the Gotha cockpit ini file and intall first in the Gotha GIV folder, No airplane. Then I move the cockpit ini file to Aircraft folder, but no Gotha. I don´t know how to do. There is no cockpit folder in the default Fokker D.VII folder. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  3. Gotha G.IV

    Yes _ I have a Gotha_COCKPIT ini file in the Gotha GIV folder but no cockpitfolder. The cockpit ini file i a suptitute for D,VII cockpit. I move the cocckpit ini file to aircraftfolder but no change. Planing to have the Gotha bomber as a AI aircraft. I have a mission #Spad XIII Vs Gotha GIV (x3), but only the SPAD show up when I fly the mission. Maybe I need a flight file also ? The Handöey Page 400 & Stakken shows up well in the mission. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  4. No crosses

    Hi Uack74! Yes - The Ac name whas missing. So I just edit the Decal ini file, and now I have crosses and personal marking on the right places. So Tank You very mutch Best Regard DennyBoy04
  5. No crosses

    Hi I have the funderfull Pfalz D.III and Siemens Schuckert from A-Team. But there is no crosses on the fuselage and the top surfaces off the topwing. In the new skins I downloaded for Pfalz D.II, the crooses is on the right places. I´m non´t know what decals to use. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  6. Gotha G.IV

    Hi ! I´m have trouble to have Gotha G.IV from A-team Skunkwork to show up in the aircraftlist (Single mission) I have FE+Expansion 1 + nov 2008 updt. patch installed. Mybe the Gotha is not accepted by the expansion 1 ? Before I only have FE installed, I have no trouble with the Gotha. I follow Capun´s installation txt by the letter. Best Regard DennyBoy04

    Well - Tanks a lot for the help. Now I have pilot in the cockpit in SAPD XII, and the canon working. I lot of smoke in the cockpit when fired :-) Now I trying to figure out how to fix the Le Pieru Rockets and the bomb to show on the aircraft. Best Regard DennyBoy04 Best Regard

    Hi After open the CAT safetycatalouge with extract program SFP1_10 and extract the Gundata ini file to Object folder. I follow "Exatly" from the readme file in the Spad XII folder, put evereting in ther right folder, but the cannon still not work only the maskingun. I have even no pilot in the cockpit ! Best Regard DennyBoy04
  9. CAT pack

    I think I find it. Whas in at SimHQ forum and find a tips to a file "SFP1E_10 CAT extract utility". and a link to CombatAce dowloads. Install as a separate program. I can now open the CAT safety cataloge. I hope it will work. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  10. CAT pack

    Hi Firecage! I Downloaded a file call "CAT pack" after extract with the rar utility I put the Cat Pack in the main FE folder. When I activate, is only create a CAT Pack safety cataloge. same as the ohter CAT files. Maybe is not the right program I have downloaded. I´m not able to look for the right filename in the download section. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  11. SPAD XII

    Hi again ! I have downloaded and install Spad XII. But I can´t find the "Gun ini file" in the First Eagle folder, I only find "Weapon ini file" in the weaponfolder. So, I can´t use the 37mm canon. I have First Eagle + expansionpack 1 and nov. 2008 patch. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  12. Spad VII

    Hi ! After I install the expansionpack 1 and nov 2008 patch, I can´t fly the default SPAD 7´s, they don´t show up in the list. Are they only for AI ? I have also trouble with weapons. (ex. Le Pireu Rockets for 3rd part addon Nieuport 11") The rockets and the bombs show up in the loadout list but not fysicaly on the aircraft. I´m have also to create a new folder "weapons" with I put in the object folder. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  13. Hi! Well - I have installed First Eagles with Expansion pack 1 and latest patch (Oct-08). In som of the add on aircrafts I have ammo feed rails sticking up in the front of the cockpit. Expl.: Halberstadt D.III by Skunkwork team. On the Halberstadt D.III, the mg is monted on the righ side of the fuselage, but the ammo shute sticking up at the center, blocked my view at the front. From the exterior there is no ammofeed rails. Best Regard DennyBoy04
  14. Fokker Dr.I

    Hi folks at A-Team I´m trying to fly the Fokker Dr.I from the runway, but when I move the throttle the slightest, the plane stand on it´s nose and after a moment explode. I use the latest "Dr I DATA ini file". I know the real ac whas difficult to fly, but ? When take off, I have to use auto pilot and then take controll when I´m in the air. My flightcontrolls is Logitech 2.4 freedom and CH pedals, all USB Best Regard DennyBoy04
  15. Hi again Wrench That´s do the trix. Do you remember the movie "The Bridges of Toko-Ri" with William Holden, Grace Kelly, Mickey Rooney etc... His caracter fly a Panther My Best Regard DennyBoy04

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