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  1. Navy One.. GO GO GO

    Well.. right with the island.. the shot was not supposed to take place in this seeting.. it came out when editing.. but the upper left corner looked empty. so i added the island.. well.. it woul be visible from the catapults in a way like that.. IF it would be on that side.. so yes i switched it :( i know.. noobish.. especially for one who made several aircraft carrier scale models and so has a lot of reference i must admit i didn'T care for it once finished.. as it looked nice... let'S call it artistical freedom.. well the lights.. looked sooooooooooooo dull there i had to do something... ;)
  2. Navy One.. GO GO GO

    The arm of the "yellowshirt" will hit the deck every second now and release the catapult. The pilot of the Phnatom aboar the USS Midway tracks every motion of the fearless guy cowering thext to the roaming screeming jet... The deck lights can hardly break the mist created by the morning hours and steam powered catapults.

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