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  1. What happened?

    Bob, I get the feeling there are plenty of ATC hungry pilots on FSEconomy. Its just a matter of bridging the gap. Picking a date well in advance would not only be good for getting the ATC guys ready, but for also advertising. I could start spreading the news on FSE once a date is set and provide links/information regarding FSHost and how to use it. In the meantime, I will start a poll on the FSE forums that asks who would be interested. I will make a point of being on the WCATC TS3 server, channel 118.5 tonight around 8pm EST. Jeff, you're welcome to join us if you can. The TS3 server ip is, I will be under the callsign of N1217U -Steven
  2. What happened?

    What happened at westcoastatc? The website hasn't been updated since September and I haven't received an email regarding ATC sessions since September 30th. I'm concerned because I have many good memories at westcoastatc, and I'd hate to see it in this state. I think I might be able to breath new life into the westcoastatc community from the feseconomy community, but sessions would be needed to start again. If anybody gets this who can help in starting to bring things back, please let me know. Thanks, Steven WCATC Member since July 2004

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