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  1. Hello guys, so sorry for the late reply and the warm welcome Drinks on me and Happy belated new year have been trying with many pilot currently have 4 guys from each nation alive even though not much claim at least they alive till now. and yes i have been watching hellshade tutorial also keep saying to myself wait till close until u can throw rocks at the enemy pilot... sometimes too close anyway thanks for the welcome, hopefully i can also join multiplayer session soon for good flying fun
  2. To all who make OFF possible.. Yesterday i just got the HITR expansion. Overall iam very impressed, but not so in getting shot down repeatedly Its Ok i still learning the rope for this sim, and also reading tips and tricks you guys have here. Anyway iam looking forward for P4 in the future. Cheers Kiteman
  3. wild guess, is it gundam? but what ever it is, it looks good!!

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