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  1. Manual or control template

    Firehawkordy, Thanks for your help, MAN I feel stupid... lol... I thought you meant you had to program them into the profiler manually... LOL... anyway... thanks for your help
  2. Manual or control template

    Firehawkordy, Could you upload your profile please? I dont know what buttons do what in the game to start with, but I wanna use your profile... LOL... if you could I would appreciate it.
  3. Manual or control template

    Ok guys, I appreciate the help, and I DO have an X45... the last version of MSFS I had was 98, and it wont support my X45 for some reason.... anyone know of a fix or work-around for this, other than progaming EVERYTHING to the stick manually?
  4. Does anyone have or know where I can find a keyboard template or just a printable list of the default keys for FS2004? I just bought the game, and the manual just gives an overview of it, nothing more. <_<
  5. N00bs, They Are The Best !!!

    Nesher, I cant seem to download the movies...anything special I need to do on my end?

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