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  1. I recently had to reinstall sf after a disk error. i have patched it all the way up to 3.2. i have yom kippur , burning sands 2 installed. Both ctd at the 80% mark when loading, On my original install this did not happen. I had a backup of my objects directory elswhere and copied all my original aircraft etc to the new install. my patch sequence was service pack 2, pack3 , pack 3.1, pack3.2. Note ican use all my terrains and aircraft in single missions . Any solutions. Secondly how do I install more than 1 instaltion of sf without the cd asking me to unistall the prime instalation. Any help appreciated
  2. How do you lock up ground targets for guided munitions in modern aircraft in SF. Obviously Radar should be in ground map mode but how do lock a paveway or maverick on to a target ?

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