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  1. I thought I knew how to wright the code correctly for what I would like it to do for me but when you are older then the aircraft you are flying you tend to forget. This goes into the RCU. Would like to have a code that will just me show up the " FRIENDLY COLOR AIRCRAFT ONLY" at any distance. Just to identify the boys and girls I do not want to take out of the sky. Is this possible to do? This is just for my own off line flying. Thanks for any help. Dale
  2. You are correct I did't think and was in a hurry. Sorry to take up your time. Dale
  3. Hi everyone I lost my hard drive and that means pretty much starting over again. I used to have a TRARGET RANGE in Strike, where can I find another one to replace it and I assume it will also work in WOV. Thanks for the help. Dale
  4. Sidewinder I got it now pretty simple just like it looks. Thanks. I just have one more question and then I will go in peace. Have checked a lot of files but can not find any that lead me to the message info you get when you click"Next air to air or air to ground" switches. Would like to make that something other then white. Where can I look for that section and can I add a color line of no color line is in the script? Take care Dale
  5. Thanks for the quick response Lexx For right now all I really wanted to do was to change the color of the message you get when checking and loading different arms. The font for this I can change the size of but what will let me chance the color of just this message. When I have a little more time I really want to get into changing a few more things. Dale Sidewinder86 I took a look a the color computer you suggested but am really lost as to how it works. I tried a few numbers but always came up zero. Would like to be able to use and thing that will help me a little later on to make some more color changes. Thanks for the reply Dale
  6. Good day I tried to put this question into the "Knowledge" forum but said I was not allowed and not sure why. I do know that someone in this forum will help me out as you folks have always given quick answers and help. It has been some time since I have worked with these files but have used Strike every since it came out ,have just been away from it for awhile. I would like to change the color of some the the different type of messages that appear on you cockpit panel screen . I do know how to change the size of the fonts and times but have not been able to find were to change any colors. Thanks for your help. Dale
  7. Thanks for the help. This might give everybody a better idea of what I'm after. attached are 2 pics that show what I have and what I want to get.
  8. Coolhand I think I am going to have a hard time explaining just what is happening. Yes the zoom and everything else on the control panel is working correctly and of the correct size but the radar image on the radar screen is about 50% smaller then normal and of very little use when trying to track the enemy. On the round scope, sorry right now I can not think of what it is called but the image is very small and long and narrow and not round. The outer edges of both scopes are correct but the image that you are viewing is far too small. It would be like an image on a 20inch tv taken up only area about 5inches x 5 inches. This is one problem that I believe could only be corrected by adjusting the numbers that control the size of the inner image and not the size of the total screen. I just gave it my best shot to explain my problem. I can live with it but was very used to using the radar to help decide were to go. Thanks Dale
  9. As I am getting to be one of the old people and a little slower would like to make a change to keep radio menu open a little longer. A year or so back someone gave me the correction to do just that but have lost it along the way with computer changes and ect. I was able to use the correction to set most any amount of seconds it was open so you had a little more chance to make a chocie before it closed out . Thanks for any help. Dale
  10. Started using Matrox triple monitor system several weeks back. All is working great except radar image on F4's is too small to be of much use. Bogies are about the size of pin heads and no space in between. Can anyone tell me how to enlarge just the image on radar systems but not the size of the screen. Thanks Dale
  11. communications box help

    Goodday Can anyone help me as to how to keep the communications box open a little longer. I am a little old fellow and not as fast as most of you. Thanks Dale

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