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  1. Got em! Sent you an email in return. Many thanks!
  2. Ok, er...HOW? Couldn't find any conversion facility in Winamp. Care to point me in the right direction, Archer?
  3. Could I convert the sonic boom sound file to a .wav so that I can set it to play every time I open Windows?
  4. Thanks but I was just asking how to sample the sound files without having to import them into the game first. Their format (.ogg) is not Windows media-player compatible. Turns out they can be played in Winamp, which can be downloaded free...
  5. Archer, is there any way to play these files without putting them in the game first, or is the format readable only in LOMAC? I'd just like to sample them before installing...
  6. Thanks again for the input, Mr. Mudd. I will be following your involvement in the aviation sim business (particularly in helicopters) with great interest. Hey, are you going to be at the 50th Anniversary Thunderbirds air show at Nellis, November 15th/16th, by any chance? Just a shot in the dark. A close buddy of ours, an F-16 pilot in the NY ANG, just made full Colonel and we are going as his guests. For me, it's going to be like having all-access backstage passes to the Rolling Stones. We'll get to drink beer in the O-Club on the Friday night before the show, a venerable fighter pilot tradition, right?
  7. Many thanks for the helpful reply, Mr. Mudd. Now I understand why you do not want to have to learn different HOTAS profiles for a broad range of aircraft in a broad range of sims! It would certainly overtax my brain. I tend to play only one sim at a time, often for a lengthy period if the sim is absorbing enough, and it's all about the sim, not the flashy technology; TORNADO spent two years on my HD (Janes's F/A-18 came in second at one year) and I've still seen nothing in more modern sims that can match TORNADO's terrain-following radar-altimeter autopilot and its modelling of, what do you call it, lobbing iron bombs from a distance with a calculated pull-up... ...Anway, I know guys at CH, and CH testers for that matter, who have put LOMAC aside until its key assignment issues have been sorted out. This matter rarely appears on the official board, although I have posted about it several times. It's not critical, I guess, unless you need the kind of precision demanded by simultaneous use of a HOTAS, LOMAC and TIR. Certain key functions do not work as advertised and trim is hopeless (which, as a RL pilot of a more modest nature than your bad self, affects my immersion level; I cannot imagine flying with any precision without trim). I have never yet encountered a sim which models elevator trim satisfactorily. The key to solving my problem, I suspect, will be to leave all the LOMAC key assignments at default and to reassign all TIR keys with the WIN key modifier, which is not used in LOMAC and should therefore generate no conflicts when everything is tied into one HOTAS profile (for the F-15). Do you happen to know if TIR allows the use of the WIN modifier? I'm sure UBI will calm down when the game is out, allowing you to function officially with Carl and Matt as a consultant and Beta tester for patches and add-ons. You are a huge asset to the community and the developers are right to want you inside the stockade facing out. When will you post your next video?
  8. Mr. Mudd, I have not yet been able to wrap my brain around how to include keystrokes for all the important TIR functions (On/Off, Recenter) within my MiG 29 CH PRO profile without excluding certain vital LOMAC key assignments. For example, any radio command that requires F8 or F9 is invalidated by TIR's assumption of these keys and radio commands cannot be reassigned. I seem to recall you use both TIR and CH PRO HOTAS so I'd be really grateful if you could advise. What profile do you use? I'm using an adapted Flanker 2.5 MiG 29 profile and it works beautifully apart from the TIR conflicts described above. I have assigned TIR On/Off and Re-center to my stick but I'm having trouble accessing certain view and radio command functions that have been assumed by TIR whenever the program is active (i.e. even when it is disabled). I do not know how to reassign key functions in TIR and even though I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out, I'm still baffled as to how to cram every neccessary LOMAC/TIR function into my HOTAS profile. By the way, have you downloaded the 3.01 software for TIR? I have experienced some alarming bugs in this formerly faultless app when using 3.01. Here's a link if you are interested. http://forums.naturalpoint.com/cgi-bin/ult...ic;f=3;t=000287 I'd really appreciate a response, Mr. Mudd; you may be the only person on the planet who has figured this out at the moment.

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