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  1. cockpits

    yeh i got the directx 9.0c and the cockpits for planes like the jaguar, f16, f14 etc flicker. However the vark doesn't, which is sweet because it's the best planes in the game (even better than the Lancaster bomber!) I will get kreelins mission editor, but one carrier i got came with two practise missions (one take off practise, and one landing practise) and when i load them up there's no carrier! Anyhoo i can tinker with the ships, but the cockpit thing i really annoying. I guess will have to look at my card. Thanks a million for the info, chris
  2. cockpits

    ooh not so sure, I know it was nine point something but i will check that and see what happens! btw - once you have added all the correct named ship files into your objects file, and you have added the correct sequences to the groundobjectdata.ini how do you get the boats to appear? Is it like adding weapond manually where you need an editor to save it for you? Thankyou, chris
  3. cockpits

    well erm XP PRO 2.2 gig amd xp+ chip NVIDA MX440 512 memory that enough? Cheers, Chris
  4. Hey everyone, Basically i installed SFP1 with all the patches on my computer at home (i normally play on it on my p.c at uni) and when ever i am in the cockpit for the f14 and the f16, the cockpit flickers and causes funny stuff to happen. I changed resolutions, and made sure that the refresh rate of my screen was on maximum, but these cockpits still cause problems. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto this mystery? Thankyou for your time, Chris

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