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  1. You mean what? Use two diffrent skins on two AC:s at the same time? Or mix them together? What?
  2. Hi flyboys (and girls?) None of my (hi-rez) skins show up in payload screen (using LoMan 2.1 Final). The ones I've tried thus far (except the default ones of course) is a F15c skin (Black Dragon) from http://www.lockonskins.co.uk/dlc.php?page=skins&SKID=61 and Su-27 skin (Tiger) from http://www.dutchtigersquadron.nl/Tigerskin...Tiger-large.jpg. In Loman the Su-27 skin gives off the hi-rez warning and places itself in Bazar\Temp folder. The F15 skin appears normal as a CDDS. Tried various things, reinstalls (always uninstall b4 reinstall, fresh install of Lomac (v1.02), created new missions etc. So I wonder: My Bazar/Temp folder contains both of tga and bmp files for the same AC - is that a problem? And my Loman Folder is installed in the C:\Games\Ubisoft folder - could that couse problems or so? (just a thought) And NO the included readmes gave nada, zippo - NICHTS!! Any place where you can find info (generally) of where all the files are suposed to go?? A LOMan newbe FAQ? Sort of... (?) And BTW - my payload screen almost shows no graphics on the planes what so ever (small bits &pieces at best) and lags like H! Has always done so no matter what Lomac version so far (not tested Flaming Cliffs yet however). Dun now wtf that is about!? My specs: DELL Laptop P4 2.4GHz, GeForce 4 4200 Go, 512 RAM

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