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  1. Hello, For aircraft that use side-mounted guns like the AC-47, is the AI capable of using them to attack ground targets? Mine don't seem to be able to.
  2. its a terrain i made but based off the Vietnam terrain
  3. so i was trying a custom terrain and encountered some problems: 1. i die instantly because i spawn inside my wingman (see attached picture) 2. runways dont appear 3. a few tiles are black could someone tell me what im doing wrong? thanks.
  4. man whats really annoying is i get caught at high altitude with a f-4 phantom and he kills me with Sparrow
  5. so should i avoid high flights
  6. could someone help me with some tips for avoiding air-to-air missiles? what i have most trouble on are avoiding heat seeking missiles because i don't know where it is, and avoiding Sparrow at high altitude. i usually fly planes with no flares or chaff. Thanks.
  7. hey i fixed it it was a stupid mistake the targets.ini was actually a .txt
  8. i think somethings wrong with tfd or hfd so ill try to fix that. but iwas wondering how could ground objects crash the game? woudnt they just mess up after the terrain loads?
  9. it still crashes. maybe its something else. i have a few questions does whether the name is capitalized or not matter? does it matter which position the line CatFile=..\VietnamSEA\VietnamSEA.cat is? do you have to have briefing.ini?
  10. okay sorry its a custom made terrain i made it on terrain editor it looks like it worked fine i put the hfd, tfd, and inis and texture tiles into terrain folder i choose single mission it goes to the part where you choose the plane the year and what type of mission i click accept and it crashes
  11. for some reason when i use a custom terrain and try to do single mission the game crashes. it wont even let me go to the screen with the loadout and map. why is this?
  12. wait but i only have vietnam so i dont have stock mig21bis
  13. so for some reason now i cant choose 4 aphids in the loadouts screen so i cant tell if the original problem got fixed or not

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