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  1. Stary's mod works just fine overriding the stock effects modifying the original ParticleSystem.ini in any way. There's a ParticleSystem.ref file in the effects folder, but as far as I'm aware that doesn't do anything. I feel like I'm missing some tertiary thing that the Unified Effects mod is doing that I don't understand because I'm so new to this.
  2. This has been stumping me. How does the Unified Effects Mod work with only an Effects folder and scattered ini files that somehow overwrites the original files? I cannot get this to work on my own standalone thing no matter what I try. I'm not sure what I'm missing that makes it work. The only way I've been able to modify effects is to just place my own ParticleSystem.ini in the Flight folder and basically overwrite the whole thing. That's very clumsy though and I don't want to do that. How can I use an Effects folder to overwrite only specific effects?

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