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  1. Good day all! My first post here, so pardon my ignorance, but Ive been digging around for some time (using the search function) and Ive been at it about an hour now and I am strugglign to locate a campaign where you can play as the Soviets/Reds. Can someone point me to where I can download such a campaign? Or does it not exist. I could try to use/buy the editor, tho Id like to avoid that if possible. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks guys. I;ll look up these files. I currently only own SF2 Europe, but I guess I'll go grab Israel, seems like a good area to have mods. It strikes me as odd that there seems to be few 70s/80s Red-campaigns. I'll also investigate the editor (i only got the game days ago, a lot of file editing seems a little overwhelming).
  3. Thanks Regula, I actually forgot to mention, I did find this one, but I was looking for a modern/Cold War one. One where you can play a MIG27 or SU22 or MIG23MLD. I guess I'll go buy the editor dlc.

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