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  1. I created the needed folders. That was the missing info i needed. Sometimes the obvious isnt so obvious. Installed the green hell 3-5 and i am amazed at the detail. Night and day difference. Very impressive.
  2. Nice, thanks. My mods folder was created where it should be under Vista. However there are a few folders within the "mod" folder that just arent there.
  3. Heres the mod i would like to try. http://combatace.com/files/file/9384-mixed-1x-and-2x-trees-for-greenhell2-and-germany4season-pack/ . So if i understand correctly, i need to create the following folders within my "mod" folder? Users/me/saved games/thirdwire/SF2Vietnam/Terrains/VietnamSEA Is that right?
  4. Have SF2 NA and Vietnam. I have read quite a bit of the modding info that i can find (including this one http://combatace.com/topic/62302-what-is-the-mod-folder/ ) but cant seem to find quite what i need to get things working. I downloaded a tree mod file but it doesnt say anything about what folder it should be copied to. I created a mod folder, and here is a list of the folders within the mod folder. Users/me/saved games/thirdwire/SF2Vietnam/ Controls Missions Objects > has two sub folders - Aircraft, and GroundObject PilotData ScreenShots I cant find anything pertaining to terrain or anything else. Is there a post with step by step directions for dummies?
  5. My graphics card is a Geforce 7300.
  6. Nope, sure dont. I downloaded the SF2 Vietnam and it runs great with graphics all set to unlimited. It listed a bit less computer speed needed. Wow what a difference. It looks amazing.
  7. Ya i fully understand my PC is to slow for the wow affect graphics. Something just doesnt seem right though with the ocean being solid color, maybe thats just the way it is.
  8. OK sorry for being to vague. I have SF2 North Atlantic. My PC is Vista, 2ghz processor and ram is maxed out at 2gb, have a elcheapo Geforce video card. The game runs smooth with all graphics settings at medium but not with everything set to high. But i cant tell any difference as far as graphics by changing the settings to high just to see how it should look.
  9. The ocean water in my game is just a dull blue solid color, no texture at all. I have turned the graphics options all the way up and its the same. Looks nothing like the screenshots from the thirdwire downloads page. Is this the way it is suposed to be or am i missing something?

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