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  1. Permanent Ip Servers

    Mine is (Not allways running) please select 56k for best connection also have a bc server: "panthers.kicks-ass.net" password "panthers"
  2. For those who have Track IR would be familiar with the Absolute mode which gives a nice Dead-Band and the view will stay centred. This worked beautifully in the Lock.On Demo. Why does it not work in the full version. Hopefully someone will be able to replay with a quick fix!>!>
  3. Having installed Lomac i now want to make my own missions.. I am having truouble with the basics Please post any tips here basics like 1. Inserting aircraft and waypoints (can usually install 1 aircraft but only by random clicking, still havent managed to inserrt a second aircraft yet) 2. Inserting Objects and waypoints

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