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  1. Помогите.

    Спасибо, поставил, но патч оказался кривой - Русская речь просто каша. Есть ли нормальные моды? Не нашёл в гугле.
  2. Hai Guise, X-55 seems to be out of tune, it works with other games fine, but not with SF2. The thing is I've never had this problem before with the same setup and I've stopped playing SF2 for about half a year. However, after I started playing Strike Fighters 2 again - the plane seems to just roll right constantly. And, some of the buttons on the stick don't seem to be functioning too. Now, everything works fine in DCS/IL2 and I have not changed a single thing in the profile or on the PC (apart from windows updates and other maintenance). What might be the problem?
  3. Помогите.

    Кто подскажет где и как поставить Русскую речь в эфир? Техасский акцент достал немного.

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