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  1. Thank you very much for your help. I managed to add all the weapons I wanted by doing this: I have renamed some weapons on the F-16C_Lights.tga (e.g. "GBU38 to" "AGM-84F") and saved the TGA again. In the cockpit.ini I changed "GBU-38=32" to "AGM-84F=32" and that was all (... because the Type of the weapon data is "AGM-84F"). It worked fine with all the stuff. Of course I have removed some weapon entrys of the panel doing it this way but because I only fly with one dozen weapons this is fine for me. To reduce the huge amount of available weapons I removed all flags of the nations (Attachement type in Weapons Editor) of the unwanted payloads. No nations, no weapons. Thanks again, Ulrich
  2. Hello *, because I only want to fly the F-16, I did some changes to the F-16C 52 (Viper) so it does match my wishes. Now the plane can start and land on a carrier and also can carry weapons which normally are not possible. I have also added some great mods (a working harpoon which will hit the ship and not only fly around it). My problem is now that on the right panel some weapons are not shown. On the screenshot I have loaded two "AGM-84 Harpoon" but they are not named. I have seen that the weapons name are embedded in the textures of the aircrafts. Are there instructions available on how to add the names of the weapons to the cockpits panel? Or maybe how to modify an existing texture so that the weapons are visible on the panel? For Example: On the texture of the F-16 there are weapon names like GBU22, GBU38, GBU49, AGM136 and so on which I do not need. I'd like to modify the texture so that e.g. "GBU38" will be renamed to "AGM84". Of course this is easy. But how do I rename the weapon itself (xxx_data.ini I think) so that the aircraft will recognize and name it on the panel? Thank you for hints, Ulrich
  3. @Wrench: Sorry for posting my question in the wrong forum. I'm new at combat ace and I did not know that I should not ask in those boards. Before asking I've tried to find a solution by searching the forums but I have not found an answer. While looking in the same container where the HUDDATA.INI is stored there is a little file called "MessageSystem.ini". Setting the amount of messages from eight to zero and changing the coordinates of the background box outside the screen (e.g 2.05 instead of 0.05), the infos in the bottom center will not be shown anymore. My cockpit of the F-16 is getting close to what I wanted. No text while switching weapons, no radar in the top right corner and no info at the bottom left. Also no cones and the target or waypont retangles / diamonds are green (normal green and dark green) and also smaller. Thank you all for your help in earlier posts I have found to do so. Ulrich
  4. Hello *, I'm trying to modify the HUDData.INI to my wishes. I made to remove the cones, the top right radar (thanks to KJakker) and the info in the bottom left corner. I'd also like to remove the info in the bottom center (e.g. switching weapons) but I have not found this in the HUDDATA.INI. Is it possible to remove this info and if so, please can you tell me how? Thank you, Ulrich
  5. I have tried the laser pod on another aircraft and the same error occured. Maybe it is a problem of the script of the laser pod. If I am using a Maverick the camera will be turned off when I switch to another weapon. Does anybody else have this problem? Ulrich
  6. No... All Paveways are gone and I switched through the radar modes but the cam view is still there.
  7. Hello *, a few days before I have downloaded and installed the F16s from Blk5052Viperpack. After arming paveways the left radar will turn to a camera view from the laser pod. But if I switch to another weapon the camera view will remain. In the cockpit I can see that the switch will move from "Laser Arm" to "Off" but the camera is still actice. I have no chance to switch back to the normal radar mode. I've tried to change the radar range, to switch from AG to AA but nothing happened. Please can you tell me how to turn off the laser pod. Thank you, Ulrich
  8. Thank you very much for your helps. I will change the settings back to the original entries. But I'm on the way to understand how the weapons and their effects work (at the moment I have not understood completely). Ulrich
  9. I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. I think I have changed the effect of the explosion because if I use the "Effect Class Name" of the original weapons of SF2, the explosions are always like they should. "VeryLargeBombEffects" are very large and "SmallBombEffects" are small. But if I use effects which are saved in the effects folder I will get nothing. No sounds and no particles.... Unitl now I have no idea how to use an explosion which is stored in the effect folder...
  10. Hello *, my name is Ulrich and I'm new in this forum. Not new in flying on the PC but also new flying Strike Fighters 2. After getting some experience in creating / modifying weapons and planes, I have big problems with new effects which will not be seen. For example: I have downloaded Unified Effects Pack v1.0.zip together with the update. I've copied the Effects-Folder and the Flight-Folder inside the ZIP into the Directory "C:\User\<UserName>\Saved Game\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2Europe\". After running the weapon editor I tried a new Effect in the area "Effect Class Name" of the MK84 (e.g. instead of "VeryLargeBombEffects" the effect "VeryLargeExplosionEffect" (it is saved in the effects-folder as "VeryLargeExplosionEffect.ini")). But nothing happens. There is no sound and no effect is seen. The bomb disappears when hitting the ground. When I read other posts it seems that there is no problem using new effects. Please can you tell me what I make wrong? Thank you, Ulrich

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