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  1. Hi. I've try add my wav file to IL2 1946 to German campaign folder.(That song what is play in briefing time). So, that song is Es Zittern Die Morschen Knochen. I did this, but this song have only 5 second duration in game, but original it has 3 minutes duration. How I must config my wav file to make this song full duration ? Please answer. :)
  2. Hi. This is my first topic on this site. So, I want to start dgen campaign "Army Group South" There are parts in this campaign, like Crimea in 1941 to Balaton in 1945. If I set bf 109 from list of that minicampaigns, i really will fly only this aircraft ? I don't want fly Focke - Wulfs, so it will works ? I'm sorry for my English because I came from Poland. Please answer.

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