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  1. Whenever I try to fly missions from the newer aircraft carriers such as CVN-63 CVN-65 ans assosciated aircraft fa18a, f14 etc the load screen gets to 90% then quits or game play can be heard but is not on screen. Ive reduced texture sizes to 512x512 , I quit many background servces leaving about 76% of memory (total memory 4gb) free. Makes no difference. Any Ideas? My system is asus x502c with intel I5 dual core 1.5ghz with intel (hd) r graphics 4gb memory. Anybody help? please
  2. I have returned to sf2 after a few years away. I have been downloading and installing addon aircraft to sf2 europe. All aircraft i have downloaded such as f15,f16,tornado, typhoon etc all work fine. The mirage f1c , f1az f1 cz do not load, when loading the get 40% then stop, after about a 1 minute i can hear the game starting but still only have the loading picture on screen stuck at 40% . I press esc and the game goes to the debrief screen as if i had flown and failed a mission. Any of you more knowledgeable modders , skinners ,game experts give some pointers as to why?

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