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  1. Eric,Thanks for the assist! I checked the canoe folder and all files were in place. Your comment on the typical pod got me to check the load out .ini. Sure enough, the ALQ-76 is the default for pretty much every mission. I found my problem was I was using a year setting in the mission builder that was probably driving the unusual pod load out (1968). When I moved it to 1972, the ALQ-76 showed in the default load out. The missing texture issue might be that this pod was not intended to be used on the EA-6A. Might see if I can find an aircraft that shows it as a default and see how it looks. Thanks again for helping me work through this one! Joe
  2. Not sure where to begin fixing this or to find replacement textures. Load out screen has this listed as the "Canoe (RA-5C)". I have the Ordnance Shop II weapons pack installed. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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