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  1. Hi, Thank you so much for replying... , Heres the link to the skin download ... http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?download=162 if that doesnt work, the skin download is on this site.. just go to downloads , F-15 skins.. and its the skin that says Hi-Res NASA skin.. so u can check it out there P.S. My E-Mail is NirvanaRlz88@aim.com so if u need to tell me somthing feel free to E-Mail me anytime :) Thanks A Bunch!
  2. Hey Guys, Has Anyone Noticed that when you download the F-15 high Res Nasa Skin For Lock-on After you install it replaces the "STANDARD" skin of the F-15?... Well i did not particularly like the fact that it takes the place of the standard skin .... So whenever You Create an F-15 Squadron of planes .. they all are in the NASA skin unless you change the skin in the Mission editing mode... Although i love the skin i found this annoying... And when you fly the Fast Battle Planner You cannot Change the skin ..so if you want to fly against an F-15, it is in the NASA skin which i thaught was unrealistic... Can Anyone Tell Me How to Change the SKin DOwnload in a way that it will not Replace the Standard Skin of the F-15?... This would make the SKin PERFECT! -THnx In Advanced to all who reply- -NirvanaRlz88-
  3. How Do You delete posts?

    Srry wrong posting section..
  4. Is there a way to delete a post that you have made? Thnx Every1

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