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  1. Recommendations on box say windows 98 only. :( I tryed installing it today and it did not detect in when it asked me to plug it in the USB. USB works cos i even tryed plugin it to where my scanner is. So it won't work in XP? :( After i could not install it wnt to the store and they only have cheap ones for $19 or very expansive with force feed back. I don't want force feedback cos i want to use it for this game and wwiionline. What to do?
  2. i have 3dsmax studio 4 i think. I would love to make skins but I can't do nothing with it :( How can i learn to make skins for SF:P1? Also the decals on the planes can i use photoshop 7 and replace them or is that part of the skin? If there is any tutorial please post a link to it.
  3. i must wait that long :( Can anyone send me a copy?
  4. None of the stores in BC have it. At EB all they told me is a lot of people are asking about the game but they have no idea when it's coming in :evil: I went all the way to EB just to find no Strike fighters :evil: I was so looking forward to playing this weekend grrr :evil:
  5. tryed to sign up and it says it'll send a password to my email but it never does. been waiting for it for 4 days and still no password. Emailed moderators and no response from them:/

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