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  1. hi -new site online - 13 new screenshots - old screenshots updated URL http://www.redflightpage.com bye Red
  2. hi I received a e-mail from TK: ... ... We're very very close to getting the second patch out, and ... ... Thanks, Tk (Sounds good, I think ) Bad news: My homepage is cancelled by the end of that year... So first, I have to search new webspace... More Information are following ---- The unofficial Expansion Pack makes good progresses... Happy Christmas Big
  3. hi chaps http://www.thdclan.com is updated new screenshots more information old screenshots updated have a look cheez the big red one http://www.thdclan.com
  4. Yes. exactly. Do you have an idea how to communicate with sfp1? over an *.ini or *.txt file would be the easiest one... or other ideas. my ears are always open ;-) :D cu
  5. hi no. all dll's i need are delivered with vb6.0. and if someone doesn't have the right dll's, the propre installation program will manage it. bye
  6. ok. a small homepage is now online. have a look, especially the screenshots... http://www.thdclan.com bye the big red one
  7. hi chaps have a look: http://www.thdclan.com since around 3 months i am programming on a inofficial expansion pack for sfp1. I make the prog with visual basic 6.0. does it exist a ini oder txt file from sfp1 with inludes the type of plane, or the date or else important things for a mission? because there is one problem. i make my prog with a lot of details. one part is a map were you can watch the units with symbols. like age of empire and so... and for each pilot you see all important information with photo, you can order new planes if they exist (F4B after 1962...), you can give medals to the other pilots if they make their job ok... just like a strategy game. You have to manage the "background" of a squadron leader. And the attacks of the enemies vehicles (Tanks...) are much more detailed than in SFP1. One symbol for one Division, Air Defense Regiments... Each mission has 4 types of mission. 3 mission are flown by KI and 1 mission you fly yourself with your other pilots. bye

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