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  1. I have not been able to destroy an enemy runway ? Is there a way to get a successful mission when trying to destroy a runway ? The bombs hit but i never get a message saying successful. Any Help ??
  2. There also seems to be a problem with bombing a runway. During a recent campaign mission we were to take out a runway, I hit the runway with (2) Mk82 bombs "direct hit" and nothing happened except 2 black marks. Then i told the flight to attack ground, they all said OK "Copy" and did absolutely nothing at all. I told them several more times to attack but still they did nothing !!!
  3. This sim looks amazing and once again I can fly and attach with my favorite plane ever !! The F15 !! I cant wait to see this sim hit the shelves, I have beta tested for Microsoft and Military Sims Inc, does anyone know if Lomac is taking any new testers ? Has Lomac issued and release infor for this hot hot sim ????????
  4. :( I have been unable to get either the wingman or anyone from the flight to attack ground targets. I have tried numerous times telling them to attack ground, but they do nothing, they never drop ordinance or attach ground ????????? Any ideas here ???

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