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  1. No joy

    Thanks for the help! Had to redo some of my key binds, but it worked.
  2. Hi, I'm kinda a noob, but I've decided to try uping the radar difficulty to normal. I basically understand how to read a radar on normal, however, when I tell my wingman to attack a target I've marked he tells me he's got "no joy". What does this mean and how do I make him actually attack my target so I can focus on other targets? Thanks! PS: sorry if this topic has been discussed before. I couldn't find a thread related to this.
  3. FE2 lags on Windows 10

    Sir or mam, You are a hero. It worked. Thank you so much for all the help. I know you didn't need to but you did anyway. If I could I'd buy you a beer (or any other beverage of your choice).
  4. FE2 lags on Windows 10

    I get a NVIDIA control panel if I right click on my desktop. I've tried running my graphics settings on everything from lowest to ultimate and I get the same results (slightly less lag on lowest, but still WAY too much for a game this old on this computer).
  5. FE2 lags on Windows 10

    I'm running no mods. I run mods in SF2 and have no issues. I updated my NVIDIA drivers a while back, that's it. I'm not sure what you mean by "NVIDIA GPU", sorry.
  6. I recently acquired First Eagles and installed it on my laptop which has Windows 10. Unfortunately it lags when a mission is loaded. I've installed SF2 and it works fine, and I've downloaded the latest patch for FE2. Any help? Thanks!

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