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  1. After more searching i have found that i may have turned Game Avionics off. Ill check • Aircraft Game. Active when a mission is launched with Game Avionics mode on. • Aircraft Sim. Active when a mission is launched with Game Avionics mode off.
  2. Hi. I just picked up the P-51D module and the controls are split into GAME and SIM. I entered my key binds to the GAME list and removed everything in the SIM list. I run my DCS install with both Game mode and Game Avionics set to ON so i was expecting the game to use the GAME list controls. Instead it tried to take them from the SIM list (which had nothing and so it just used few controls i'd setup in the GENERAL list). When flying I open the ESC menu and sellect Adjust Controls and it takes me straight to the SIM list. How can I get the game to use the GAME list settings rather than the SIM list? Please let me know
  3. Good points. Im leaning towards sticking with VR now. I have found a program called opentrack that can use the oculus as a trackir so im going to give that ago just to see how the head turning setup feels like as you say. I must admit i have found VR's 1 to 1 can be bad when you are having to turn you head a lot to check your tail in combat and having to fully twist your neck
  4. Thanks steakeagle! thats very helpful information indeed!. I use an ultra wide 32" screen so that might help with trakir but as you say, im afraid to loose real 3D immersion levels. Its almost like once you VR its hard to go back. I have sat in Elite for extended periods of VR buts low res isnt so much of an issue there. I do find VR hard when im trying to learn an aircraft. Im going to have to see if i can get access to a trickir to feel it or maybe look for a sale. I can see now the benefit of using both at the same time as you describe. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.
  5. Hi guys, I have an oculus which is great in flight sims but at low res. I was thinking maybe to pick up tracker for high res playing? If you own both do you play with both or just stick to one as your favourite or most useful to you? Id like to know your opinions if you could share? Thanks
  6. Thank you both. I may have to take the plunge then :)
  7. Hi, I'm enjoying Flaming Cliffs 3 on game mode in DCS but I wanted to know if the high fidelity modules also have the game mode or are they set as hardcore? I'm specifically looking at the helicopter ones like the Huey and Gazelle if anyone can comment on those?
  8. Yes it really adds to it like a peripheral, like a Hotas adds a certain amount to to a sim experience to. Its certainly a new way to interact with sim games. Just having full 3D world around you is so immersive its untrue. VR is still comparatively low res right now though but things can only get better as the tech improves (mind you that will also mean more power PC's needed so that price tag will also just keep raising i guess). Its certainly an element that takes sit down sim games to the next level.
  9. I apologise to you veterans, i really do, but here is what happens when a novice casual like me experiences the joy of flying a Spitfire in VR. It will no doubt drive you to face palm madness and have to switch off but i thought some might like to see the pure childish joy im finding in this game! IL-2 STURMOVIK (VR) SPITFIRE Mk IX - No idea what im doing At least it ended well..... well sort of lol I had so much fun though Great game, love it. (PS. if anyone knows how to record VR stuff properly then id love to know, this is just oculus mirror)
  10. Excellent thank you all. I will try the editor to change the AI models and see if that works first then go for the ini files. I'm starting to feel modding this game is just as fun as playing it lol
  11. Oh really! cool. Is his sight restrictive then?
  12. Hi I'm slowly getting and enjoying modding my SF2 install with Sarcasm and GermanyCE working fine. Next id like to change the AI aircraft I fight against but I'm unsure how I go about this. I did a search for AI but didn't find anything I could recognise as relevant. Do I just download and install the aircraft and tweak a file somewhere?
  13. Does anyone fancy making a Firefox Mig-31 from the Clint eastward film from 1982? :) :) https://theaviationist.com/2017/12/01/the-story-of-the-mig-31-firefox-all-you-need-to-know-about-the-most-awesome-fictional-advanced-high-speed-interceptor-ever/
  14. Thanks Again MigBuster. I've placed them in all the expansion folders and they show up now perfectly
  15. Hi all, I seem to be having trouble getting Sarcasm 1.5 to work. I extract all the files to my FLIGHT directly yet when im in game the clouds dont seem to change to the lovely ones i see in peoples screenshots? Am i doing something wrong? I have a merged install so do i need to extract to those folders to?

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