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  1. It is easy to use. The Best way to learn how to mod with it are to look inside the existing mods. I am writing a tutorial, but its going to take a few days to publish it. LOMAN 2.0 is released by the way! with SFP1 mod functions. See www.check-six.fr for more info and try it out for yourself.
  2. Another thread on this topic (including screenies) http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bb...c;f=55;t=008705 And the most recent thread with information: http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bb...c;f=55;t=008741 This is very close to release candidate. As far as my own testing is concerned, there was only one newly introduced bug, and skypat is working towards a fix. Murdock
  3. See this post: http://oldsite.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/board...c;f=55;t=008594 I openly invite any modders to take part in the LOMAN beta project on behalf of Strike Fighters Project1 mod management development and testing. Please email me and I will coordinate your email addition to the beta team of the LOMAN mailing list. Thanks go out to Skypat, the creator of LOMAN, for taking this simulation under his wing and for coming up with a great idea of opening LOMAN to mod management for any/all future simulations that wish to utilize it. I'm sure Skypat, myself, or modders who take part in testing it out will post more information about the expansion of LOMAN to other sims as testing commences and completes. email me at: murdock@nc.rr.com to coordinate your addition to the LOMAN beta process on behalf of SFP1. Please include links to your mod sites or mod files. Note: dont be shy if you are not a modder and wish to help. I am only emphasizing modders to get a good cross-section of them on behalf of future modding for the sim. Murdock geocities.com/murdocksimboy/
  4. I have a pretty generic PS/2 mouse (w/ wheel). After service pack 2, my hat now works to do the mouseview change (default settings, havent really messed with controls since day1), and now if I use the mouse to mouseview as well ; it "echos" the amount of movement I do. For example, I move the mouse pointer up 20 degrees, the input occurs, then immediately following, the mouse goes another 20 degrees. I recent with F1. I then use the mouse to move 20 degrees left, it reacts appropriately, then millisecond pause, and it moves another 20 degrees left. Its actually quite funny. Any suggestions? (or known settings issue?) I have a native dll newview that Im using to emulate trackIR for Forgotten Battles? Is Strike Fighters somehow attempting to utilize that? I though that dll was only localized to whatever sim folder you place it in? (perhaps there is a global dll that is used too; im not that up on "newview".

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