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  1. Hi everyone, sorry its a been a while since my last login. I simply wanted to say thank you to you all for your many detailed replies and your advice regarding the SF series in general , as well as for installing non-stock addons. It seems, especially regarding the phantoms, SF:WOV is the reference. Good to know and helpful for a buying decision. Its very nice so see such a helpful and quite active community here brought together by a common simulation interest That s something special. Thank you all once again, Kind regards, Oliver
  2. Hello, thank you both for your very quick replies . I'm glad to hear that I can free and legally use the phantom from the download section! Yes trotski I 've been on the TW website and am considering purchasing another one of the SF2 series titles as well. Thank you very much again. most helpful! Kind regards, Oliver
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question. I bought/own SF:NA . My question is, is there a F-4 phantom model (USN or USAF model preferably) that I can legally download from the file library and use in SF:NA? Don't get me wrong, I know that if I search SF2 Files->Cold war era> US origin there a lots of phantoms. My question is, am I allowed to use one of those in SF:NA since the only two original aircraft included are the F-14 and A-7. I would like to honour TW copyright and I don't know whether the F-4 models in the download section are completely newly designed or whether they use the Third Wire f-4 external model / cockpit or parts there of that were only originally included in the earlier Wings Titles. Hope this sounds not too complicated. I simply would like to do things correct regarding copyrights.If someone who is knowledgeable regarding the models/mods in the library could provide some information it would be great Thanks a lot in advance, Kind regards, Oliver

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