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  1. Hi, I was adding some loadouts with LOPE(addon tool) And i put CBU-97 on a A10 it worked fine and i even have a target side in the HUD display so i can drop these bombs exactly on a target, But it seems that it doesn't work with every loadout?!?!? because i also tried it with a GBU-10 Bomb and i can drop him but i could not target it exactly with the HUD display?!?!? Does anyone know why that is or is it because you can put The CBU-97 in a reallife loadout under the A-10 and the GBU-10 not??? Can somebody give my some good working loadouts for the LOPE tool? who i can drop or fire and that i can target them in the HUD display???? Please advise me! Best RGRDS Wes
  2. Hi, I was making a mission and i was wondering what the difference is between OBJ and COORD buttons in the target editting selection screen???? Can someone tell me please??? Thanx wes
  3. hi, Thanx for the reply! Yes i dont no what that could be but we figure that out i think??!! i hope Strange that we only have these problem? Thanx and i will be looking later if there are some solutions?!?! best rgrds wes
  4. Hi, I try to make a AVI to watch my self ! But it still dont work for me!!! It begins very slow and after that i see a slight show and than the sim finally crashes!!! What did i do wrong or whats the problem?!?!?!? Please advise! best rgrds wes
  5. Hi, First off al thanx alot for the reply! But do you have a link to that file (check six browser)??? And is it a little bit the same as the CDDSBrowser-V10-1?? Best rgrds Wes
  6. Hi again, I saw the tread about painting but i just want to put some text on them or something like that. Can someone tell me how?!?!? Greetz wes
  7. Hi, Can someone tell me where i can find a manual or some explanations how i can make my own repaint for lomac?!?! thanx wes :o
  8. Hi, I dwld the highres repaint for the A10 but when i start and select the plane is half grey half green and it look screwed up :( . can someone tell what the problem could be :) ? i just did what they say in the read me file! unzip them in "Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Bazar\TempTextures" Please tell me,the repaint looks much better than the original one! Best rgrds Wes :)
  9. Hi, Thanx for those comments ;) really appreciated that! :D Best rgrds Wes
  10. Hi, I post a couple of shot at flightsim! B) see: http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/dcforum/DC...mID8/35360.html Comments are welcome! Best RGRDS Wes :)
  11. Guys, I was wondering;witch bomb gives the biggest explosion?? Please tell me. Best RGRDS Wes

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