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  1. hi does any body know where i can get the updated ini for the ameicanw map from major lee site or does anybody have the updated ini for it i would appericate it if u could e-mail it to me or let me know where i can get it thanks viper
  2. hi can anybody help me i just downloaded the amx-1 and i took the drop tanks and added the verbage to the weapons data ini and the amx-1 tank bmp and the other files to the objects folder but i cant get them to show up i been trying for 3 days now and i tryed everthing when i go to the aircraft dropdown menu there are not there can somebody give me tips on what iam doing wrong or walk me through it any help would be appreciated thanks viper :(
  3. hi i got a problem it worked fine before but now whenever i go to use a mig in the drop down menu the startup bar goes halfway and crashes me to the desktop but it seems the american planes work fine now all of a sudden the migs dont and they where fine before can anyone tell me what is going on. all planes work except migs now any help would be appreciated viper
  4. hi i just downloaded the f-5e tiger for a beta it looks pretty good to me i like flying it i use to work for northop and worked on aft section of the f-5e so it was nice to see it here so all i can say is it great so far thanks viper
  5. hi second request i need the updated ini for the f-89 scorpion the one here in the download section dosent work does anybody know where i can get it other than here or can somebody who has it e-mail it to me it would be appreciated and can someone fix the file here thanks viper
  6. hi i was just over at biohaz download section and i tryed to download the update ini for the f-89c and it keeps popping up the techinal problem screen is there a problem and can any body tell where i can download the updated f89c ini as that one dosent work or can someone e-mail the updated f89c ini to me it would be appreciated thanks viper
  7. hi need help i downloaded the hawk and it shows up in the strike fighter folder for aircraft but when i go to the drop down menu in the game it not there what am i doing wrong or is there something missing iam running windows xp all other aircraft show up ok and help would be appricated thanks viper
  8. hi i also cant get the bomb craters to work either does anyone have a suggestion would appericate any help thanks viper
  9. hi i just read where the download is fixed in biohaz but when i go to download winter armor skins it kicks me to the screen that says techinal diff is there something wrong with that download or am i doing something wrong the other downloads seem to work ok it just the winter armor skins has anybody had this problem with it thanks viper
  10. hi i went into biohaz downloads and tryed to download the winter camo and i keep getting techinal diff screen is there a problem with that file i tyed it several times it wont let u report a boken link it keeps going to the techinal screen i would like to download the file is there something iam doing wrong or is it bad file anybody else have this problem with that file thanks viper
  11. hi does any one have the yon kippur campaign is so can someone e-mail me a copy of the read me file for it evertime i go to open it it says illegal operation and i cant open it i think i need that to install the campaign any one who can send a copy of the readme i would appericate it thanks in advance viper
  12. hi i havea problem with euro tile set 2 i had it installed on my computer and had to reinstall the game but now when i try and reinstall it it shows up in the drop down menu for single missions and when i try and use it it either crashes to the decktop or the planes seem to dive to the ground and crash could it be i install the patch and reinstalled the euro set i dont remember if u install it before or after the patch it work fine before in single missions but never worked for some reason in campaigns and dosent work in korea 1956 campaign can any body help he with this issue thanks viper :(
  13. hi can anybody tell how to install the korea campaign the read me file in the campaign wont let me access it evertime i go to open it it says illegal operation i installed it to the campaign folder but when i go to campaign and click create campaign or load campaign it dosent show up what am i doing wrong and i cant acces the read me so i dont know really what i need to do to install it any help would be appericated thanks viper :?
  14. hi second request i tryed to download montys skyraider pak v 2.0 from bio hz site and it takes me to a screen called atlas or something and it is in a different language and no mention of the download did anybody have this problem i cant find any download for the skyraider pak any help will be appericated thanks viper :?
  15. hi can u tell how to get monty skyraider pak 2 the web site i go to when i click for his pak is somehing with foreign writing and i dont no where to down load it any help appericated thanks viper

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