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  1. What file determines which weapons are allowed on each a/c? I want to add a weapon to an A/C that I know is historically accurate. I have imported all the specific weapon files to my wepons folder, checked with the weapons editor and see that it is allowed "time & service wise" but it wont show on my loadout screen. I don't want to add a B-58 pod on a f-4 but I want to do some "tweaking". Thanks in advance!! Craig
  2. Hi All, I think I am ready for a new video card. ( I know my old one is ancient but a wife and kids come first!). Anyways I have a P4 2.0 Ghz chip 1 gig of PC2700 ram and a Ti-4200 Video Card. What do you think would be my best bang for the buck? Mind you it does not have to be a bargain basement item but worth the $$.I am so out of touch with computer hardware thesedays I am ashamed!!! Thanks in advance! Craig
  3. Thanks for the reply!! If I ever get down Sheppard I will lokk ya up!
  4. Hello all Newbie here to the world of SFP1. My name is Craig Baumer and I am a Msgt in the MD ANG where I am a A-10 Crew Chief. Any ways I just installed this and I am having a blast!! A question tho. I was wondering why the F-105D does not have AIM-9 capability? I would even think that, since we are dealing with htpotheticals here why not have the dual rail 'winder! I would love to be toting a heater just in case I get jumped by a bandit over Havana. Thanks to all the mod writers that make it fun for us! Craig Baumer

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