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  1. Hello N00b here, 2 Questions: 1) I have the Korean Air War mod and it's great; I love it! I have only played the "500625 North Invades Campaign" as an AD-4 Skyraider off the Oriskany. What I've noticed is that scheduled Escort flights to my area of operation are not taking off - meaning that none of my missions have fighter escorts. Is this normal? And if no, can I tinker with the campaign file to fix this? Not a huge deal, but I find myself flying a lot of top cover, while my flight grounds and pounds. 2) What is the secret to landing on Independence Class carriers like the Bataan? I think I'll fly F-4's next and can't seem to catch the wires. Any tips?
  2. Thank you so much everyone that responded; great info! And thank you for taking it easy on me!
  3. Just the clue I needed! Thank you yakarov79!!!
  4. Hello, new to the game here. I have the full 5 merged install, patched to Jul '13. The problem that I am running into is that I start every mission/campaign mission with an air-spawn (usually about 5mi from initial). The only mission that does not start me in the air is the carrier take-off mission. I'd like to take off from the runway or deck, and complete a full mission. Is there a setting that I'm missing? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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