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  1. Hi again, ok so i am looking to bring in some of the great sounding custom missions and campaigns for WOV and WOE and in particular the VMFA-531 Missions pack - and one of the things it asks for is the Revised Weaponseditor that will be compatible with the post 2008 patch. I have looked through the editor tool downloads and not found this item. might anyone here know if this is available here on the site somewhere? perhaps in some other section or under some other name?
  2. i dont know why the confused icon - i mean i suppose thats me, but i guess its because i wasnt sure where to start and a few times i have tried searching for topics and files with the search option, nothing comes up, so i just raise the question here. I know i am like 10 years behind everyone else, and i would like to get SF2 but i just dont have the money to get it, so was turning to WOE and WOV as i had these already but hadnt had the time to really play them much and being that now i am really keen on playing combat flight sims at the moment, i am happy that i can get these running in windows 10 now. I just noticed that in ODS there is a CVN71 in the campaign already, so now it would just be a question i guess of making my own missions with a mission editor if i want to do some single missions from a carrier. - I have currently 2 installs of WOE on my computer, one is with all the Nato Fighters addons and another has the ODS applied.
  3. hi! is it possible to have aircraft carriers in WOE and or the WOE ODS mod? i see there are carriers i can add, but how to do i actually use them, i cant ever select the location i take off from can i? i do also hav WOV and i know it has carriers in it.
  4. hi! it is working for me now - i checked all the aircraft files and there were all the same, but instead of doing the patch, i did a reinstall in a different folder not in any program files folders, because windows 10 is just too frustrating when it comes to trying to tweak ini files in those locations in any case. it is all working fine now. one thing though i would like to know, is are there any carrier ops in the desert storm campaign, or is it possible for me to add a carrier if i want to take off from such with an f14 or hornet etc?
  5. thanks - i will check the ini files again to see that all the aircraft are there that i have, and failing that will appliy the patch and if that doesnt work i will try a reinstall in my c: drive games folder
  6. do you have link for the patch, searching yields me nothing, i will check all the aircraft i am wondering if teh issue is due to WOE being installed in the program files(x86) win 10 folder which has some very annoying file write/edit restrictions that i cant seem to get around.- for example if i need to change anything in an ini file i need to save the file to desktop first and then move it to the folder afterwards
  7. they are the same, but what are the extra files i need foir this i installed the oct 2008 patch and the 3 ODS setup exes - what else do i need to apply>?
  8. Hi! I have recently gotten WOE working on windows 10, thanks to help in another thread on this forum, and now have installed the Operation Desert Storm mod and it is all looking and running nicely except fro teh Instant action option, where the game will just crash if i select it from the menu - can anyone help me as to why this would be happening. I looked in teh options.ini and the instant action has DS selected as its map so i dont understand what the critical error is here has anybody else encountered this? thanks
  9. thanks i have done that, i realise now as i went back in to try and play a mission that the direction keys and space are it - and boy it is not easy trying to get my plane up in the air and flying in a straight direction! i see i need to use space bar to recentre alot otherwise my plane keeps overcorrecting worseand worse and sends me into a tailspin - i love sims but have never been good at them when they are too complex - CK thoughas it describes itself says its not a hardcore sim, and this appeals to my casual style, so i hope to get the hang of it. - what does the spoilers do? actually for that matter i need to figure out when and where i use trim too! - complex for me but still better than trying to fly a blackshark in DCS world!
  10. thanks for your replies, that is good to know, i havent had a chance to hop back into the game for now, as some new work has come up but when i was in there before i was trying to see how i could steer via keyboard, - i couldnt find the right keys, - i will happily attempt again when i am free
  11. Hi again, sorry to ask this, i dont mean to trouble you all but just was installing the missions pack and looking for some skins that do not seem to be in the downloads skins section at least not by the names shown there - the following i am unable to locate: No. 56 Squadron: Mannock, Rhys Davids, Caldwell, McCudden Jasta 5: the whole pack will the missions still work without these? (also can i play CK without joystick? i could work out from the controls and preferences in game if this is wholly possible) thank you
  12. sorry i didnt parse it out enough, thank you regarding the membership. I did though send through a payment for the membership, as I saw it before I checked the forum
  13. okay thankyou very much that is very kind. I dont have alot of expendable cash at the moment - it always depends on my work month to month, but i can certainly do a membership for a while i think, thanks - you mentioned the members bought it? i though got a renew notice, so i just have put a payment through for that myself -
  14. my initial anxiety also got me a bit hasty with it all too, as i bought canvas knights and then saw the forum had no general discussion since 2015 and i panicked that perhaps the game might be abandoned or dormant (a bit like Histwar and Jutland) - thankfully with the responses here it seems not the case and i have got the serial key now so i am happy about that. I am sorry i am not a modder myself, i just like WW1 aviation games, ones like Flying Corps Gold and Blue Max are personal favorites, - though the promise of being able to even command WW1 ships and tanks in this game made me come to it before considering Wings over Flanders Fields. If I knew how to mod or had the time to learn it i would - would love to make tanks and ships.
  15. I didn't know about site membership sorry,

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