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  1. I would like to know how is single player gamimg mode gonna be. Will single player missions and campaigns be like Novalogic games (F22 Raptor, F16 Multirole Fighter, Mig-29 Fulcrum) in which you must complete your goals and JUST ONCE U DID IT u can pass to the next map? or if you fail in ur specific mission, you can acces to the next map but now you have to face the concecuenses of ur failed mission? For example, if on mission Number 5 I have not succesfully bombed a Rapier Ground Air missile and then in mission number 6 i have to bomb a Ship near, will be Rapier there? or do i have to destroy Rapier in mission number 5 to get this mission? Thnx
  2. Im from Argentina and i cant wait anymore... Will u put a free demo for downloading?(not necessary now, just tell me when)

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