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WWIII 1946 USSR Fighter Pilot 1.0

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WWIII 1946 is a "what if" historical thriller that lets you fly all of the strange jets and German wonder weapons in IL2 1946. This campaign is but a small part of the overall Mega Campaign the will include many smaller mini campaigns such as this one. Each campaign will build upon the other and you will be able to continue your pilot career until the conclusion of WWIII 1946.


In a painstaking process an alternate history storyline has been researched and is presented as a backdrop for some of the most heart pounding and hopefully entertaining missions you have ever flown.


By using historical documents from the US Joint Chiefs of Staff we know exactly what the contingency plans were in the case of an expected Soviet attack in 1946. It is clear from public polls and private correspondence that the US military and government officials fully expected an attack by it's former ally at any time starting in the spring of 1946.


Based on these plans code named Griddle and the other Pincher series plans we have developed a historically plausible alternate history scenario on which all these campaigns are based. These plans were based on the best estimates of Soviet forces and their plans for war.


When I say we I mean the wonderful feedback I have received on numerous forums including Missions4Today, SimHQ, AllAircraftArcade,CombatACE and the Wargamer. Go to these fine websites and search for WWIII and you should come across many interesting discussions.


Storyline for 1946 WWIII




Soviet Fighter Pilot Campaign Chapter One



...................................Top Secret For Your Eyes Only.......................................


January 23, 1946


Our former allies, the so called Western Democracies, have demobilized entire armies and have sent many of their armed forces home. The US and England have a fraction of their former forces stationed on the European mainland. They mistakenly believe that their so called Atomic Bomb has altered our plans.


Our glorious leader, Tovarishch Stalin, has given us of his vision of a world wide workers paradise led by his guiding hand.


He does not fear the Abomb. He has seen the devastation it has brought to untold numbers of innocent victims he does not fear it's wrath.


Although he has no doubt that our armed forces can storm through the blasted hulk of the former Germany and France to liberate the suppressed workers of Europe, he does not want to use force unless absolutely necessary. Recent events have forced his hand and the very existence of soviet society is being threatened.


Our former Allies have made a fateful blunder and the world shudders at the consequences and prospect of another World War. They have rejected our rightful demands regarding Manchuria, Turkey and the liberation of Eastern Europe. In a stupendous miscalculation the US has base a squadron of B29 Super Fortresses in West Germany in an attempt to intimidate us. The B29 is an offensive weapon not a defensive weapon. There can be only on conclusion and that is that they intend to use their Abomb in a sneak attack on the Motherland we hold so dear.


They continue to gather former German scientists and their wonder weapons and have been stealing them away to work on even more destructive weapons and delivery systems. We must act and we must act now.


We need to create a buffer so that the motherland is never subject to attack again. Our vision is that all future wars will be fought in the no man’s land that is the former Nazi homeland and as long as capitalism survives there will be more wars. It's all a matter of where and when these wars will be fought because Capitalism and Communism cannot occupy the same space.


Some say the second atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki intimidate us and to reinforce the power of the atom bomb in our mind. In addition it was to demonstrate that America has not only one but many bombs and is ready to use them. Tovarishch Stalin is calling their bluff.


Today we received word through our massive network of agents that American has a total of only 6 nuclear bombs. Now is the time to strike and to save the motherland from nuclear destruction. We have to attack now before they gain more of these monstrous weapons and use them.


We will no longer allow the West to dictate its will on the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and our glorious leader Tovarishch Stalin. He will once and for all remove the threat to Mother Russia. No longer will there be a gun pointed at his head from West Germany.


We have begun a massive and very well concealed mobilization.


As a Maior in the Soviet Air Force you have flown over 100 combat missions in both Europe and the far east. Because of your special status your official victory score is top secret due to the nature of your assignments.


You have been assigned to a special unit that is working on former German Wonder Weapons that are in our possession. Your specific assignment is to assess the combat capabilities of the various weapons platforms. As such you will be helping to design and test in any future combat situations, our newest weapons systems.


Good luck to you comrade.




1. Find your folder with your IL2-1946.exe in it. There should be a folder that is titled Missions. Inside that folder is the Campaign Folder. Open that folder and find the Ru Folder. Open that folder. Copy the WWIII_1946_USSR_Fighter Folder into that folder/subdirectory.


2. The WWIIISkins folder contains skins that you might want to use to make the campaign more pleasing to the eye and more immerse. If you don't use the skins your Soviet planes will have no markings. Your campaign will run just find but won't look as realistic.


The Skins folder is in the PaintSchemes Folder which is in the main IL2-1946 main folder.


Most of the skins start with WWIII and then the plane model. Just drag them from their folders and put them in the same named folder in your Skins folder.


3. The only way I know of to have the former Allies fight each other in a campaign is to make one side Blue and the other stays Red. I chose to make the Soviets go Blue because it was easier. What this means is that if you don't use the skins correctly you will end up with a Soviet fighter with a Japanese Zero on it. To deal with this problem I have painstakingly created and then changed every Soviet plane in every mission to have a custom skin. If you properly copy the skins into the correct folders you should have no problem. If not you will get Japanese markings on your Yak etc.


To correct the problem on the plane you are flying click on the "Arming" button then on the "Aircraft Customization" button. Look at the skins button and choose whatever skin you want but every Soviet plane should have a WWIIIxxxx skin in it. This is the one you should choose. If there isn't one then choose one that has a Soviet star on it and be sure to turn off the markings otherwise the Japanese meatball will be your skin.


If your wingmen etc. all have Japanese markings then you will just have to live with it or check out the skins files to make sure you have all the skins in the correct place.


4. Turn the speech off unless you don't mind hearing Japanese and Russian mixed.

5. If you want to hear the correct language follow flyby1 instructions below. Thanks flyby1.


"Here is how I do the speech changing: start;computer;L diskdrive;ubisoft;il-2 sturmovik 1946;Samples;speech;ru double click; delete actor1 thru actor9.;do not close these open windows ; then start;computer;C diskdrive;ubisoft-up2; il-2 sturmovik 1946;samples;speech;us double click ; then drag actor1 thru actor9 to the open RU file where the old actor1 thru actor9 were and now no ussr speech. same for any speech change ! you will have to do these changes with the computer file non full screen. As you see I play il-2 off the L drive and backup il-2 on the C drive."


Please let me know if you are having problems so maybe we can figure out a solution.


Starting your career


1. Go to Pilot Career

2. Choose USSR with the rank of Maior

3. Choose WWIII 1946 Soviet Fighter Pilot

4. Choose the following in the Difficulty menus.

Turn off the following toggles. You do not want these options chosen for various reasons

a. Turn off - Cockpit Always On - I want you to look around and see all the cool stuff

b. Turn off - No External Views - For the same reason

c. Turn off - No Icons - Those Lerches and ME 163 are very small

d. Turn off - No Instant Success - Don't use this very often. There are some missions that just don't have anywhere to land in them and this is how you have to end your mission.

e. Turn off - No Map Icons - At this point in history radar was able to vector you to your targets pretty well so use the map to do this.


I need help in completing this massive project. Be a part of Air Simulation History :)


Contact Hairog at hkellogg36@gmail.com

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