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    Sorry guys, I wasn't planning on posting any new screenies until it was ready for release (which is relatively imminent at last!), but I couldn't help myself after yet another round of tinkering with the bump and specular maps ..
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    Some progress on the Vietnam Scooters. Focus lies on A-4E and F (B+C still need Cockpit-Repaint). I'm still not sure yet, how to release a first package...Currently I'm at 46 skins with 1,5GB disk space. VA-56 "Champions", USS Ticonderoga, 1964 VA-152 "Fighting Aces", USS Shangri-La, 1970 VA-106 "Gladiators", USS Forrestal, 1967 VA-55 "Warhorses", USS Hancock, 1968 VA-155 "Silver Foxes", USS Constellation, 1966
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    Hello everyone I started working on a project a week ago.
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    You mean as opposed to this one ..? Actually yes, there are already different cockpits for the RNoAF versions and maybe I'll do a dedicated one for the NF-5a ..
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    Thanks fellas, and just one more for our friends from the Netherlands .. a dedicated NF-5a! (click to see a larger version)
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    The battle of bulge continue...
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    On March 3, 1969 the United States Navy established an elite school for the one percent of its pilots. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of aerial combat and to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the best fighter pilots in the world. They, Succeeded Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School. The flyers call it TOPGUN! What is it all about? Afraid you won’t be singing in bars and dating civilian flying instructors but you will be flying non-stop Air to Air against a selection of Navy Aggressor A-4s. So, if you have not flown much A-A recently this could be the thing for you with three campaigns set in different years with a selection of Jets to fly. The lesser striped A-4F Mongoose does not take prisoners -- great balls of cheese! The campaigns consist of: Campaign 1 1970 Select from the US Navy / Marines F-4B (1965), F-4B (1967) and F-4J to go up against A-4E aggressors. Campaign 2 1974 Select from the US Navy / Marines F-4J (1974) and F-4N to go up against A-4E aggressors. Campaign 3 1978 Fly the US Navy F-14A (1974) and go up against A-4F Mongoose aggressors. Oh yes and you need to try and survive 20 missions with only about 3 wingmen. Check your six or else an A-4 flown by such celebs as Viper and Jester will blow you out of the sky! The environment This is set over a reworked South West US Terrain and has a NAS Miramar runway layout like the real thing and some very nice looking features. Think Tactically So, as you can see you ideally want to avoid getting sucked into any turning fights and that also applies to the F-14A because the up-engined A-4F kinda cancels out the F-14s better turn ability. Keeping and supporting your AI wingman is a must and is key to dealing with the A-4 hoards and keeping your wingman alive is a must to complete the target of 20 missions. Your wingman is although not the most intelligent of pilots he is also vulnerable to your wayward sidewinder shots and general incompetence in issuing commands. If you have not flown the Mirage Factory F-14 the mod comes with, then there are a few different key presses for the radar and also advise learning how to use the radar (it helps!). Where'd Hollywood go man.......oh there he is - never never leave your wingman! We are the Mods The music it comes with is ace and (thank god) not a sign of “Lead me on” by Teena Marie. Those who had the soundtrack might still have flashbacks to some of the tracks on it. Anyway no need to touch the music or the terrain. I am using Starys SARCASM mod in this for environmental effects and also some Top Gun themed 1080 menu screens by Viper63a. The screens can be simply dragged into the Menu and Flight mod folders depending – also remembering to rename them to the correct file name so they show. You can of course change whatever else suits you for the environment you wish to replicate. Here Viper is telling me how my name will never be on the Top Gun trophy after losing all my wingmen in about 3 missions. Starting a campaign Important here suggest setting Campaign Difficulty as normal, and set Weapon Supply to Unlimited otherwise you will be down to AIM-9Bs by about mission 5. My first several campaigns had a distinct theme of running out of wingmen Do you think your name is going to be on the trophy? – You will need a lot more than ego to beat Viper and his souped up A-4 The F-14A took a while to get used to and best to use its advantages of radar with IFF. I have only used AIM-7Fs in these campaigns and do advise taking out the bad guys BVR if you can. With the F-4s you have less advantages but again playing to your strengths will allow you to prevail. Every now and then a cargo plane takes off on its flight to Hong Kong full of Rubber Dog s***. If you screw up just this much you might be on the next flight.
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    Enter the Twister He blinked. Electrify me. Over my ahoulder
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    Mitubishi/IAI F-2I "Nachash" (Snake), 109th Squadron, June 2004 Mitubishi/IAI F-2I "Nachash" (Snake), 101st Squadron, August 2004 by day by night
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    Today I uploaded a new plane - the Russian Lebed 7. The Lebed 7 was a Russian copy of the Sopwith Tabloid. It was intended to be used as a fighter, but was quickly outclassed and was used mostly for recon and later for training. I have made a fictitious version (or perhaps a field mod) with a Lewis gun mounted on the upper wing. My thanks to Ojcar, once again for making the FM. By my count, this is the 60th plane that Ojcar and I have made over the years.
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    Early morning sortie... An Air National Guard F-102A Delta Dagger of the 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron based out of Ontario, California, circa 1969.
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    The guys are doing Sterling work on the R.11 files, while I work on the skins. Progress shots below.
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    Given the date I thought it might be nice to see some D-Day striped birds
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    Persian Gulf intercept F\A-18Cs over the Persian Gulf.....(because my FB feed has suddenly become clogged by DCS screenshots)
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    Think it'll pass for a Seafire?
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    As some have noted, I've started doing some small modifications and tweeks to some of our ww2 aircraft. It should be noted, that I'll -ONLY- be adjusting/modifying those aircraft that are available here at CombatAce. The first ones to be worked on will be those for the European Theatre. As noticed, instead of starting new threads, I'll be uploading them to the "Tips & Tweeks" thread pinned above. Most will be adjustments on hit boxes and adding "armor skin" (the thickness of the skin, as Baff once said "structure as armor"). Unfortunately, many, if not most of these aircraft, do not have the proper "cuts" to their meshes. Meaning, for example, wings are one piece from root to tip, with the "outer***wing" statement" defining a nonexistent mesh. Same is also true for fuselages lacking the nose, fuselage and tail statements. These will be adjusted to remove the missing meshes. Also unfortunately, some of these aircraft, no matter how exact you copy the min/max numbers simply don't take the changes. So, there will be aircraft that will remain in their "as issued" state. At note to 3d modlers -- it is vitally important that any new aircraft follow the 3W style, in creating the various named sections in the LOD. This not only helps for decals, but for flight and damage modeling. So, watch the Thread above for more packages as I get them finished. I'll try to remember and included the original, "already backed up" data inis
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    Kurnass on Sea of Galilee; June 1982.
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    Version 1.1.1


    Gloster Meteor T.7 second improved version for SF2. Basic modding skills are required to run this mod. (copy/paste, mod folder structure etc.) Install: If you are here which means that you like old jets, and for sure you downloaded the previous pack already. You should have proper squadronlist.ini from the previous pack by paulopanz. Fuel tanks- not to be afraid. Overwrite or just leave it. 100 gal tank is original TW tank. You can overwrite or just simply do not copy. 175 gal tank also. Tanks are just ini files. Mod uses tanks that are part of aircraft lod. This is highly modified Veltro2k model uploaded on CA somewhere in 2016 by paulopanz. Some time ago few guys decided (because they have a chance to do so) to rework this pretty aircraft. So, first of all, thank you Veltro2k. Although. There is just very few original parts of an old model. Most of it was remodeled. Added bits here and there. We changed mapping and we made new skins...and a lot of new stuff. You will see. Of course, you could expect more skins. And if you are expecting more skins - you will have to do it on your own. But templates are available. All skins are in 4096x4096 format. You can easily resize to needed resolution. better to downsize than rescale to higher res. For sure Israeli Meteor will be uploaded someday soon. WIP. Credits. Veltro2k - original model Me - model rework and some other mambo jumbo, hangars. 76.IAP-Blackbird - also model re-working. Soulfreak - skins. bobrock Weathering Decals - soulfreak and some are borrowed from paulopanz pack. Charles - original FM from original T.7 upload. Pilots - I have no idea / don't remember who did it. All credit to him/her. - one of my favorites figures in a game - I've added this to correspond with the data file. And yes the pack is huge - but we put a huge amount of work also. Have fun Report bugs. Expect the unexpected Jarek Hereda THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    God I miss Hi-Vis colors....TA-4J of VF-126 "Bandits" during America's Bi-centennial 1976.
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    Version 1.0.0


    AV-8B Harrier II. This is my humble rework of AV-8B. Basic modding skills are required to run this mod. (copy/paste, mod folder structure etc.) It is designed for and works only in SF2 series. Around 2 years ago - January 2016 - KillerBee approach me with the possibility of updating bobrock's harrier. After some time, we had prepared the updated file ready for upload. Small changes here and there corrected few things. And great skins by Killerbee. And then KillerBee disappeared from CA forum. Honestly, up to now, I have no contact with him. last - 4th May 2016. So harrier stayed on drive waiting for his comeback. But .... I couldn't resist...And iI started to mod this again. Since I had no KB skin templates I had to do all new skins...and more. So now I am here... It ended with new cockpit and a whole set of new skins and decals on whole remodeled 'old' Harrier. - there is no single part of an original model that hasn't be touched/remodeled etc. First of all...If you want to count rivets....Do not. Many things could be done other way....but I did it my way. So you have to bear with it. All skins are in 4096x4096 format. So you can easily resize down. Decals are based on my and KillerBee research. All serials are correct for the first version of Harrier II. Not always (but mostly) correct for unit/year of service etc. You will find separate upload soon with Operation Desert Storm skins and decals - Only units that participated in the operation. Animations: 1= canopy open - close 4= refueling probe - beware of a speed limit ************************************************************************************ for proper sound work you should add these lines into soundlist.ini SoundFilexxx=xxxx SoundFileXXX=USMComm_1 SoundFileXXX=Equalizer [Equalizer] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=2 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=100.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 [USMComm_1] Priority=NORMAL 3DSound=FALSE NumBuffers=1 Looped=TRUE FrequencyControl=FALSE ************************************************************************************ Credits. Me - whole sort of strange things - model-re-model, new cockpit, skins, decals, ini files etc. Ravenclaw - BRU-42 ITER models. 331Killerbee - ideas, good words, research primary work on skins and decals, work on ini files, loadouts, effects etc. Crusaders - help with avionics ini. bobrock- original 3d model - Thank you and thanks to KillerBee. Thanks to a lot of people who helped me with this mod...Stratos, Crusader, Geary, gurru, Soulfreak,76.IAP-Blackbird, and others. Thank you all CA users. Yes I know its huge - but I couldn't make it smaller. Be sure to download all 4 parts and optionally - ODS skins/decals set. Enjoy. I enjoyed it much when making this pack. Expect unexpected. Report bugs. Suggest changes. Reference: AV-8 TACTICAL MANUAL NWP 3-22.5-AV8B vol.I AV-8 TACTICAL MANUAL NWP 3-22.5-AV8B vol.II NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL AV-8B/TAV-8B 161573 AND UP AIRCRAFT NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL A1-AV8BB-NFM-000 (June 1983) a whole bunch of marines dedicated websites - that I can't remember now. seaforces.org gonavy.jp navysite.de tailspintopics.blogspot.com Squadron Signal: 1058 Harrier in Action. Squadron Signal: No.209 AV-8 Harrier in action SAM Publications: US Marines AV-8B Harrier II Aircraft Ilustrated.Special: Harrier Harrier Inside and Out by Mark Attril ************************************************************* This is freeware; it CANNOT be distributed unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. See the original readme documentation, if any, for further allowances and restrictions Any persons wishing to make further modifications, contact me first. Any persons wishing to make further modifications, MUST remember to put everyone's name in it. Bribes and donations are accepted; ************************************************************* ************************************************************* THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. ************************************************************* Kind regards. Jarek Hereda.
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    ...unfortunately we'll never know. Mandatory Screenshot "Recon"-Skyhawk. Bomb damage assessment camera - a small visual gimmick. :)
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    War on Drugs... Somewhere over Central America...
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    Which of the DLC late mark Spitfires would be a good base model for a late mark Seafire? This one is 3W's Spitfire Mk. 18 in Royal Navy colors (stock decals).
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    In late 1972 President Richard Nixon was facing the prospect of having the funding cut for Vietnam by congress, so took one last gamble before they could reconvene to get North and South Vietnam to terms and pull the US out of the war with its POW's. This gamble would involve for the first time large B-52 raids on actual strategic targets in North Vietnam including Hanoi and Haiphong. Now having better relations with the Soviets and Chinese the gloves were off and he duly instructed Strategic Air command ( SAC) to sort it out……. unfortunately it didn’t quite roll down the chain far enough. What ended up as a relatively short eleven-day campaign, started out and was planned for three days and those first days are really the focus of this article due to some rather strange tactics. Surprise attack All B-52 sorties were launched either from the Pacific island of Guam at Anderson AFB or U-Tapao RTAFB (Thailand), with Guam having a very long flight time to target requiring A-A refueling for the B-52Ds. The B-52s were to take off from Guam and fly right over a Soviet spy trawler sitting in international waters of the end of the runway. As the B-52 raid got closer to North Vietnam they would test all their ECM gear handily notifying the SAM operators of the frequencies being used in advance. As they neared the target the F-4 Chaff bombers would fly in front of the raid and drop chaff to provide a protective chaff corridor that the B-52s would fly through giving extra protection. However it seems that not only did the chaff present a big arrow pointing to the intended target on the Vietnamese radar scopes it then promptly blew away in the very high winds providing next to no real protection. On top of that as planned for the first three nights the B-52 waves (three waves per night) were to follow the same route as F-105s had done since 1967 and fly over the targets in level flight (to a determined point) at the same altitudes, speed, heading and times…………with a nice long pause between each wave. General Melchett: Field Marshal Haig has formulated a brilliant new tactical plan to ensure final victory in the field. Captain Blackadder: Ah. Would this brilliant plan involve us climbing out of our trenches, and walking very slowly towards the enemy? Captain Darling: How could you possibly know that Blackadder? It's classified information! Captain Blackadder: It's the same plan that we used last time..........and the seventeen times before that. General Melchett: Exactly! And that is what is so brilliant about it! It will catch the watchful Hun totally off guard! Doing precisely what we've done eighteen times before is exactly the last thing they'll expect us to do this time! There is, however, one small problem. Captain Blackadder: That everyone always gets slaughtered in the first ten seconds. General Melchett: That's right. And Field Marshal Haig is worried this may be depressing the men a tad. So, he's looking for a way to cheer them up. Captain Blackadder: Well, his resignation and suicide seems the obvious choice. General Melchett: Hmm, interesting thought. Make a note of it, Darling. (from Blackadder Goes Forth BBC) Unsurprisingly the B-52 crews, although very pleased to be finally doing something to end the war knew the tactics were dumb with comments including “like Ducks in a shooting Gallery” and “I knew it would be a turkeyshoot….....for those on the ground”. The idea of flying in level flight was to maintain Jamming integrity for the B-52 cells, also because the antenna need to be pointing down to provide the jamming coverage, thus if you turn no more protection. On the first nights some of the B-52 pilots did indeed try to outmanoeuvre upcoming SAM's not completely trusting the Jamming [and a B-52 can certainly turn at 30,000ft]. This lead to some threats of court martial for any pilot that did jeopardize cell integrity by turning (for certain waves). The threat of Court Martial reported by all sources doesn’t seem to account for the contradictory fact that the pilots were ordered to perform a Post Target Turn after dropping the payload. This meant they would turn directly over the worse concentration of SAM sites over Hanoi with no jamming protection and into the Jet Stream winds keeping them in the lethal SAM radius a lot longer. This Post Target Turn was not only unnecessary but was essentially a big cause of some of the losses. B-52s at Anderson AFB Guam December 1972 (USAF) Night One 18/19 December As an example of a raid the first night strike consisted of three waves of 129 B-52s (three waves of 48, 30 and 51). This is a breakdown of Wave One only. The Vietnamese defenders The Vietnamese were not expecting or geared up for a strategic bombing campaign of this scale, they had sent personnel and sites down to South North Vietnam and now had to recall them and everyone else on leave. The main problem was they were short of assembled SA-2B missiles. Each site (Battalion) only held six on launchers and six more on trucks in reserve. Once a truck had loaded one on the launcher it had to go to a depot and collect another, however you now had queues of trucks waiting for missiles – they could only assemble 40 per day. Luckily the pause between waves helped them somewhat. [The only way the USAF could have helped the Vietnamese more by this point was to drop fully assembled SA-2s on parachutes!! ] Even though on night one they had managed to down three B-52s (two others damaged), by Night two they had noticed the obvious use of the same tactics but were not able to capitalize on them straight away. They would launch the SA-2s unguided and when the B-52s did the Post Target Turn they would lock on and the SAM would guide in. This was not as easy as it sounds and needed practice, so they didn’t manage to down any B-52s on night two (only damaging two). From the US point of view, it seems no loss had vindicated SACs tactics, however when the Vietnamese got their tactics worked out on night three six B-52s were shot down (one other damaged) in only two waves (Second wave was cancelled by the head of SAC General Meyer after the losses in the first - but the third Wave was pushed ahead to "save face"). Some US sources seem to indicate they thought the Vietnamese had different SAMs (SA-3) but they only actually had SA-2Bs – the US were just clearly underestimating them if that was the case. B-52 window damaged from SA-2 fragments (USAF) Where did this cunning plan come from? SAC was running the show from their HQ and were very much for centralized planning - unfortunately they were detached from reality and were too arrogant to know it. WW II & Korea fighter Ace General John C Meyer was in charge and had been accused of being hesitant to make decisions by the lower Generals. [Well most would be hesitant if their expertise lay in fighters]: Richard Baughn flew as a fighter pilot in World War II and then went on to command a SAC bomber unit as a brigadier General, and recalled feeling out of place in SAC due to the mindsets driven by different cultures. “You just feel like a third shoe, a third foot” and he believed that “if a SAC guy came to a TAC base, he would probably feel the same way.” From a common base in pilot and navigator training, the major commands imprinted different approaches to their unique missions and aircraft. In the words of Baughn, “Bomber pilots and fighter pilots are two different types. Always have been. They think differently and act differently.” It was these same lower Generals who were responsible for the planning of Linebacker II - in particular General Peter Sianis. With his WW II and Korean War experience of Strategic bombing and no experience of a modern IADS he was definitely the person you wanted in charge of this [NOT]. According to Colonel Frederick J. Miranda, SAC’s logistics representative on the planning staff, General Sianis saw the map prepared by staff officers that showed routes of flight for the operation, with “several different routes leading to Hanoi.” Miranda related what next occurred: General Sianis walked out of his inner office, took a look at the map, and said, “That’s not the way we do it!” Then he removed the colored tape showing the Andersen B-52 routing from the map and rerouted that bomber stream to a route over South Vietnam into Laos and forming up with the U-Tapao bomber stream. He also changed the post-target exit routing to one requiring all aircraft to make a right turn after dropping bombs and stated, “One way in and one way out!” He then instructed his staff to go make those changes and come back with the briefing. I will never forget how the map looked after General Sianis made changes. The colored tape was hanging loosely and the general made a comment, “You guys probably have a lot of tape, don’t you?” This was a significant last-minute change resulting in replanning, additional poststrike refueling, and the now infamous “post-target turn.” He essentially took the planning function away from the majors and lieutenant colonels and straitjacketed them with the “one way in, one way out” directive. No one questioned the SAC DCS/Operations. [Doh!] The Post Target Turn is something required when delivering Nuclear bombs to avoid the blast, its inclusion at a time when Nuclear bombing was low level single ship is not really explained or justified anywhere. B-52G-125-BW (59-2582) awaiting at Anderson AFB Guam to take off on 18 December 1972 (USAF) Jamming The Electronic Warfare experts at SAC were confident that by maintaining cell integrity the B-52s would be fully protected against the SAMs, a cell was supposed to be three B-52s but sometimes a cell would include only two bombers and sometimes the cells would have degraded or failed ECM equipment due to the no abort maximum effort policy. Although SAC at the time thought the unmodified Jammers on the newer B-52Gs were the cause of some of the losses (and stopped Gs flying over Hanoi) it wasn’t the full story because they were also using the wrong type of jamming. North Vietnam was using an SA-2B SAM that was modified by the Soviets [supplied in 1971] to prevent Beacon jamming after analyzing an QRC-160-8 (ALQ-87) ECM pod found in the jungle. In the late 1960s this type of jamming had rendered the SA-2 all but useless by jamming its uplink command guidance. Now fair enough, how were the SAC EW experts to know this?……………..well they could have read reports from the US Seventh Air Force on the matter who had been aware this SAM was in use and had been reporting on it for the past year. Or they could also have tested the B-52 jammers against the modified SA-2B they had captured and was sitting in Eglin AFB! In fact it wasn’t until during Linebacker II and after the losses of the first 4 days they started testing that they confirmed that the Post Target Turn removed all jamming and the beacon jamming was not effective. B-52Ds preparing to take off for another Linebacker II mission (USAF) Aftermath Although no plan is said to survive contact with the enemy it doesn’t help when you have centralized planning and control by people that simply do not know what they are doing from the start. SAC eventually handed the planning down the 8th Air Force and with many other tactical changes things never got anywhere near as bad as Night three had been - by nights 10/11 the resistance from Hanoi had become almost irrelevant to the point they could freely fly over it. Overall Linebacker II ended up achieving Nixons objectives and the gamble paid off for him with the peace treaty being signed in January 1973. However for the B-52 flyers as always it was a very different war and by 1973 some had clearly had enough of Meyers management policies: [note B-52 Arc Light & Bullet Shot operations continued until August 1973] On January 3, those crewmembers not flying assembled in the Arc Light Center briefing room, where they first watched Meyer pin the Air Force Cross on Colonel McCarthy, who had flown two missions during the operation. Meyer then addressed the Airmen in the audience, and his message was blunt. The general elaborated on the need for cell integrity in the missions over North Vietnam, remarking that tight formations provided the greatest chance to thwart the SAM threat by using the combined jamming capability of three bombers to defeat the data-links guiding the missiles. He then stated that aircraft commanders were not to maneuver during the bomb run and repeated the court-martial threat that they had previously received at the start of Linebacker II. At that moment, the briefing room became totally silent—all whispered conversations stopped, the normal coughing that typically comes from any audience halted, and no one moved. Then, suddenly, roughly half the Airmen in attendance stood up and walked out, “like a herd of cattle,” John Allen remembered. Many of those were chagrined that McCarthy had flown only two missions, plus that he had done so from the jump-seat of G model aircraft, though qualified only in D models. Allen described what came next: Of the roughly 200 that remained, 75 to 80 people just went crazy. They picked up whatever was nearby and threw it at the stage—flight computers, briefing books, Coke cans, folding chairs, you name it. It was like if you had ever been to a burlesque house, where they’d throw tomatoes and apples at a bad act, it was just like that. It couldn’t have lasted more than 13 seconds, the assault, but [Meyer] got hit a bunch of times. I saw a Coke can bounce right off his head. I was just frozen in my tracks—I couldn’t do anything—it was mob action. He went down on a knee, and a bevy of colonels picked him up and helped him off stage. Meanwhile, the guys jumped up on stage and physically chased him down to the flight line. There were a bunch of guys running after him, including the guys that were “gone” and the others of us that just wanted to see what would happen. He was in his staff car, heading toward his airplane, a shiny silver and white VC-135. They chased him down to where they now have the B-52 [Arc Light Memorial] up on a pedestal. They ran down and they threw chunks of gravel that were next to the road, just pelting his staff car and the power cart [used to start engines],and continued to pelt him as he went up the ramp. Then off he went and we never heard anything more from CINC [commander in chief] SAC. Crews in briefing at Anderson AFB December 1972 (USAF) Sources and Further Reading To Fly and Fight: The experience of American airmen in Southeast Asia (Andrews WF, 2011) , George Mason University The 11 Days of Christmas (Michel III ML, 2002) Encounter Books Linebacker II: A View from the Rock (McCarthy JR & Rayfield RE, 1976), Office of Air Force History Maxwell AFB War From Above The Clouds (Head WP, 2002) Air Force Press Maxwell AFB Patterns and Predictability: The Soviet evaluation of operation Linebacker II (Drenkowski D & Grau LW ) Fifty Shades of Friction: Combat Climate, B-52 Crews, and the Vietnam War (Clodfelter M, 2016) National Defense University Press F-105 Wild Weasel vs SA-2 “Guideline” SAM Vietnam 1963-73 (Davies.P, 2011) Osprey Publishing The Red SAM: The SA-2 guideline Anti-Aircraft Missile (Zaloga SJ, 2007) Osprey Publishing B-52 Stratofortress units in combat 1955 to 1973 (Lake, J 2004) Osprey Publishing Quote from Blackadder Goes Forth (BBC, 1989) Title photo B-52D-65-BO s/n 55-110 weapons loading (USAF)
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    Northrop F-5EA Tiger II - Grupo 6, Fuerza Aérea Argentina, 1982 Skin Credit: Sony Tuckson
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    Version 0.01


    Vietnam Scooters - v0.01 ============================= *** SF2, SF2V required. Tested in full 5-merged installation *** This is a first result of a project I started a long time ago. My aim was to do up-to-date skins of all Skyhawk-units with all their deployments, that saw action in Vietnam in a good resolution and with a lot more details added, that the stock skins of TW had. So this project will contain more then 135 skins for 9 different Skyhawks-models once it is finished. As SF2 isn't getting any younger (me neither :P) and the way to the finish line is still far out, I release this first pack with the skins I finished so far. The current pack only contains A_4E, E_65, E_67 and F stuff, as A-4B+C still need cockpit-repaints and re-export of the skins, I already did. Have Fun! some Information: -------------------------------- - skins in 4096x4096 resolution - new droptanks for all planes (you can choose from 2 different tanks on the wings and up to 3 for centerline) - added buddy-refueling pod in 2 different versions (deployed hose and retracted hose) - added invisible skids to make belly-landings possible - added missing Missile-Rails (LAU-7 for Sidewinder, LAU-34 for Shrike and Bullpup-A) - repainted cockpits (same as in my released Skyhawk cockpit repaint mod) - added some new parts via FakePilot-Method (TM) like additional ECM-antennae, second Chaff-Dispenser, missing Tail-light and a small gimmick the bomb damage assessment camera, that was occasionaly used on the centerline-pylon (currently only on A-4E) - loadout.inis are updated for the additional missile-rails and use mostly stock weapons as I don't want to include tons of weapons - included weapons are included only, because of placement-issues and have a Specificstationcode= added. - BuNo are always correct for the squadron and if possible for the single plane - Pilotnames on the planes should be seen a "snapshot" (same goes for BuNos), pilots changed, aswell as the commander of a squadron within the cruise. - several markings and maintenance stencils differ in style to bring some diversity to the skins - some Skins are available for 2 Skyhawk-models (either E+E_65 or E_65+E_67), because in '65 the Scooter received ECM and CM-Dispenser and in '67 some E's received the then-new avionics hump. It appears to me, that planes were retrofitted one by one, so old and new were used side-by-side, which is not possible in SF2. So the way to go is to upgrade all planes at a given date within the cruise. Squadrons included in v0.01 ------------------------------------------------ for A-4E: - VA-56 Champions, USS Ticonderoga, 4/64 to 12/64 - VA-72 Blue Hawks, USS Independence, 5/65 to 12/65 - VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Coral Sea, 12/64 to 11/65 - VA-163 Saints, USS Oriskany, 4/65 to 12/65 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Oriskany, 4/65 to 12/65 for A-4E_65: - VA-12 Flying Ubangis, USS F.D.Roosevelt, 6/66 to 2/67 - VA-46 Clansmen, USS Forrestal, 6/67 to 9/67 - VA-56 Champions, USS Ticonderoga, 9/65 to 4/66 - VA-56 Champions, USS Enterprise, 1/68 to 7/68 - VA-72 Blue Hawks, USS Independence, 5/65 to 12/65 - VA-72 Blue Hawks, USS F.D.Roosevelt, 6/66 to 2/67 - VA-94 Mighty Shrikes, USS Bon Homme Richard, 1/68 to 10/68 - VA-106 Gladiators, USS Forrestal, 6/67 to 9/67 - VA-144 Roadrunners, USS Bon Homme Richard, 11/67 to 6/68 - VA-153 Blue Tail Flies, USS Coral Sea, 7/67 to 4/68 - VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Coral Sea, 12/64 to 11/65 - VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Constellation, 5/66 to 9/66 (Camo) - VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Constellation, 10/66 to 12/66 - VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Coral Sea, 7/67 to 4/68 - VA-163 Saints, USS Oriskany, 4/65 to 12/65 - VA-163 Saints, USS Oriskany, 5/66 to 11/66 - VA-163 Saints, USS Oriskany, 6/67 to 1/68 - VA-163 Saints, USS Oriskany, 7/68 to 3/69 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Oriskany, 4/65 to 12/65 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Oriskany, 5/66 to 11/66 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Oriskany, 5/67 to 1/68 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Hancock, 7/68 to 3/69 - VA-192 Golden Dragons, USS Ticonderoga, 11/66 to 5/67 for A-4E_67: - VA-94 Mighty Shrikes, USS Bon Homme Richard, 3/69 to 10/69 - VA-94 Mighty Shrikes, USS Bon Homme Richard, 4/70 to 11/70 - VA-144 Roadrunners, USS Bon Homme Richard, 3/69 to 10/69 - VA-152 Fighting Aces, USS Shangri-La, 3/70 to 12/70 - VA-192 Golden Dragons, USS Ticonderoga, 11/66 to 5/67 for A-4F: - VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, USS Bon Homme Richard, 3/69 to 10/69 - VA-22 Fighting Redcocks, USS Bon Homme Richard, 4/70 to 11/70 - VA-23 Black Knights, USS Oriskany, 12/67 to 8/68 - VA-23 Black Knights, USS Oriskany, 4/69 to 11/69 - VA-55 Warhorses, USS Hancock, 7/68 to 3/69 - VA-55 Warhorses, USS Hancock, 8/69 to 4/70 - VA-55 Warhorses, USS Hancock, 10/70 to 6/71 - VA-55 Warhorses, USS Hancock, 1/72 to 10/72 - VA-144 Roadrunners, USS Bon Homme Richard, 4/70 to 11/70 - VA-153 Blue Tail Flies, USS Coral Sea, 9/68 to 4/69 - VA-155 Silver Foxes, USS Ranger, 10/68 to 5/69 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Hancock, 8/69 to 4/70 - VA-164 Ghost Riders, USS Hancock, 10/70 to 6/71 - VA-192 Golden Dragons, USS Ticonderoga, 12/67 to 8/68 - VA-192 Golden Dragons, USS Oriskany, 4/69 to 11/69 Notes and Issues: ================= - Tanks have generic markings, as they are added as new models. There were 2 options here - old build-in tanks with markings, but totally wrong size or correct size, but generic markings only and I chose the second options - for me the right choice. - This is nothing for rivet-counters. I can asure you, that I tried to be as close to the real markings as possible, but sources are often enough hard to find or only available in bad quality or low resolution or sometimes no detailed info on some markings can be found (for example placement of Modex-numbers on Flaps). Same goes for CAG-Birds. If sources were available - I added them. Sources ======= - Scooter! The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story, Crécy 2011 - US Navy and Marine Corpse A-4 Units Of Vietnam War - Osprey Combat Aircraft Vol. 69 - A-4 Skyhawk Association, http://a4skyhawk.org/ - www.GoNavy.jp for BuNos and Pictures - www.Airliners.net - www.navysite.de for CruiseBooks - Google in general Installation ============ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Backup your A-4E, A-4E_65, A-4E_67 and A-4F planefolders, as .inis will be overwritten !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. unzip to a temporary folder 2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_Mod_Folder" and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P 3. enjoy! If a squadron is missing in the loadout screen, you should add the following lines in the squadronlist.ini ("<mod>\pilotdata"-folder) with XXX changed to the next free number: [SquadronXXX] Name=VA12 <-- change to the unit, you need. DisplayName=VA-12 'Flying Ubangis' <-- change to the unit, you need. Nation=USN <-- USN or USMC Credits ======= - Thirdwire and TK for a great game and nice models. - FastCargo for the fakepilot - Alejandro for Escapac-Seat - OldDiego for pilotmodels - ravenclaw_007 for AGM-12C+E Bullpup - ???? for Walleye_I model - ???? for sounds - me - template, skins, decals, ini- and 3D-work of tanks, rails and addons, walleye-repaint Thanks ====== - cocas for help learning 3D-stuff - all modders at CombatAce for their work and inspiration P.S. ==== If you have any problems with this mod or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me. 09_06_2018
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    Busy with Real Life at the moment, but did have time this morning to fool around with the China Skies stuff. Maybe some day...
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    Trenches cannot be dug, any more than water can be found, on the Carso, for a spade's depth below the surface the unkindly stone turns to sullen rock, and everything must be drilled and blasted out. For the moment, because spring had been wet, the stones were greened over with false growth of weeds which wither utterly in the summer, leaving the rocks to glare and burn alone. As if all this savagery were not enough, the raw slopes and cusps of desolation were studded with numberless pits and water-sinks, some exquisitely designed by the Devil for machine-gun positions, others like small craters capable of holding eleven-inch howitzers, which opened at the bottom through rifts into dry caverns where regiments can hide - and be dug out.
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    Hallo may be you know it already but in case you dont i work on a early F-4G cockpit , in the moment i make complete new side panels the left side is almost done the right panels will be next i still have one problem that is the threat warning panel , on that panel are 4 warning lights LF , RF , LA and RA this lights should show the threat from a certain direction , for example the LF from 270° up to 360° and the RF from 0° to 90° and so on , but in game i dont get them to work so now i wonder how do the guys who work on russian jets get this russian warning panel to work , this one is showing even more directions ??? i realy need some help here by the way is there a way to get the range and direction counter working , the should show the range and direction to the threat i have try all now but in both cases i have no success
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    Beautiful pics. of the Pfalz D.VIII - also interesting is the four-bladed prop made by putting two two-bladed ones together. A couple of other pics. below - featuring a one-piece four-bladed prop, and a 160hp Siemens-Halske variant with a nose similar to the Siemens-Schuckert. Von S
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    I see, i need to release the cockpit update for the F-15C


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