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    Early U-2 flights over... the Groom Lake area!
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    Some days you cant even get off the ground.....
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    Nearing completion...few more details and then.....MISSION COMPLETE.
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    Finished the Eagle Hi-Rez. Noticed that The E-2C Hawkeye has lots of skin downloads available. Figured we need on in Hi-Rez to bring out the REAL beauty in this bird. Still WIP.
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    left navigator screen
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    Dark Sea Gray / Dark Green templates first look ...
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    Buochs aiport, Suisse: Real life: Game:
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    F-15J Eagle from the 304th Hikotai...looking for company
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    I am the Lizard (CAG) King!! I can do anything!!!
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    namedders , which terrain is that ??? mandatory screenshot
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    Correct! The monkey is Blenders mascot "Suzanne". I exported it with my exporter to a lod file. I will release a first version (e.g. no animation support yet) of the lod exporter for blender within the next days.
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    Following recent great Hi-Viz skins made by pappychcksix, i started do some templates for missing squadrons... I took the VAW-115 first cause i like the skins, but damn i am doing 6 different schemes for it :) Here is a glimpse of one of the WIP I also reworked the 4 already available (with no offense intended to those who did them). If work, family and snow storms can give me a little spare time i might do some work in the coming days (well decals are done but still need some love).
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    And how it look at night ...
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    F-15A Baz , 3 skins i made Thanks to the excellent templates from pappychksix F-15A_Baz , early F-15A_Baz , 1982 onwards F-15A_Baz , 1989 to 1999 with 50 anniversary logo on the left vertail
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    Version 1.0.0


    A Hi-Rez skin for Thirdwires F-15A Eagle. Sorry for the long delay. Hope all who use it enjoy. Thanks to TK for the aircraft and to all who encouraged me to make this, especially my friend SoulFreak. Any questions or comments can be sent to me here.
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    Coupi's test flight. Video.
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    A few bent-wing birds from Korea
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    Also got the D3 - not D3a - working ingame for the first time.
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    Well guys...approx. 66% complete...Pete
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    This is the first release of the LOD Exporter for blender. A main reason for this release is to get feedback / bug reports from you users (3D Modeler). I'm not a 3D Modeler myself. I only tested the exporter with rather simple object (hierarchies). I tried to implement the exporter only based on the information I found by investigating LOD files. Thanks again to logan4 and angelp who provided me with specific lod files that helped me to understand the lod file format better. The Bottom line is that I have no idea if the exporter works for you. So please give feedback. The Exporter Script: (Updated v0.2) io_export_sf2_lod.py 1.) Installation Open the Blender User Preferences - Add-ons Tab (File -> User Preferences... -> Add-Ons) Click "Install from File..." Browse to and select the exporter python script "io_export_sf2_lod.py" Click "Install from File..." (or double click on the script name) In the Add-Ons Tab under Supported Level select Testing and enable "Import-Export: Strike Fighters 2 LOD Exporter" The LOD exporter is now installed and enabled. Under File -> Export you should see the menu item "Strike Fighters 2 LOD (.lod)". It's greyed out until an exportable object is selected. 2.) Usage Select the object you want to export and click File -> Export -> Strike Fighters 2 LOD (.lod) The file browser opens. In the lower left area you see the LOD exporter options. Currently there is only one option: enable/disable writing the out file (text file with information about the exported object(s)). The selected object and all child objects are exported. Please note! The objects must meet the following requirements: -No scaling in the Transform Properties allowed (that means: scale x = y = z = 1.0). If your object has scaling, it should be applied to the mesh (Ctrl-A) -A material must be assigned to the object. Only the first material of an object is exported. Only the following material parameters are exported: -Diffuse Color (the lod file format also contains ambient color. Currently the exporter set ambient color = diffuse color) -Specular Color -Specular Intensity -Specular Hardness (I think in 3ds Max it's called glossiness) -if "Shading -> Emit" > 0.0 then self illumination is enabled -Transparency (if transparency is enabled, then the object doesn't cast and doesn't catch shadow. if transparency is disabled, then the object cast and catch shadow. The specific LOD format version the exporter writes, doesn't support arbitrary cast/catch shadow combinations. The other LOD formats I don't understand enough (yet). Sorry!) -Alpha -Mirror Reflectivity -Diffuse texture image name (as diffuse texture the exporter uses the texture where "Influence -> Diffuse -> Color" is enabled) -Normal map texture image name("Influence -> Geometry -> Normal" is enabled and the Normal value is also exported) -Specular map texture image name("Influence -> Specular -> Intensity" is enabled) -Normal and specular map can only be used together with a diffuse map. (If I exported a normal or specular map without diffuse map, then the LOD wasn't shown in the game or the game crashed. I don't know why...) The exporter supports no animation yet
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    Also working on some future aircraft.
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    Of course it's possible to write an exporter for 3ds max. But I don't plan to do it myself because: 1.) I don't own 3ds max 2.) My priorities are more in providing a free/open source toolchain for strike fighters 2
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    Also got some work done on the Pfalz D8 - a fast climbing little bumblebee of a fighter.
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    Working on more paint jobs for the Nieuport 28.
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    Somewhere over the South Atlantic


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