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    Soviet MiG-23MLD in Afghanistan
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    Just started something new
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    F-4G from the Idaho ANG with the new F-4G_85 cockpit
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    Is very nice aeroplane. I am thinking it needs rockets maybe.
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    Version 1.0.0


    NF-5B Freedom Fighter for SF2 This is the Canadair NF-5B WHAT´S IN: 1 aircraft with 20 brand new skins (only KLU) CREDITS: - FastCargo - 3D modeler of the original F-5B - yakarov79 - heavy 3D work on the specific NF-5B (Thank you so much mate!) - 331killerbee - sea camo template - Soulfreak - paintwork, decals, ini dance, screens etc. - Pilot is a reworked one from Volker´s German Pilot Special thanks to: Luuk Boerman from www.dutchdecal.nl who provided me great references. TO INSTALL: - extract NF-5B.7z into your mod folder if asked, let overwrite old files. Schapen, March 7th 2020 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi
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    This is a long-awaited project (April 9th will be a year from starting the project) requested by my friend, tiopilotos, without him I wouldn't think of making these models. The models are completed and as soon as tiopilotos completes making of the data files and researching the information and testing (without this is just a static model) we will share this with you all.
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    For some time already I have been working on KC-10 tanker. I think I have started this project in 2017. But as expected I can easily find interest in other projects, so this one was not so top priority. Recently - accidentally I have opened a folder named DC/KC-10. And I faced a dilemma to do or not to do...now. So I decided to put it on another hiatus. But hey...there might be some other option. The model is not 100% finished. I still need to model front gear (on the picture below there is front gear visible - but this is just resized copy of central gear.) and crew cockpit and some small bits. The overall model is animated and mostly UVW mapped. I think only the refueling boom needs to be mapped. What I am looking for? Someone - person or team of CA users who will do some skinning work. I can provide with lod and UVW layout. Of course, lod viewer might be helpful. From my own experience, I know that sometimes UVW mapping needs to be changed during the process of creating a skin. This is not an issue. Even if for now I have no intention to focus on this model I might still have a chance to do some changes if necessary. As you can imagine model is quite big, but not huge. Model is UVW mapped on 6 bitmap sheets. SO we can expect some quite reasonable and decent level of detail. If you know my previous work you should know what to expect (and what I expect) from the skin. Generally, this is a tedious job to paint panel lines, rivets, details, etc. But we are not gonna count rivets. But a decent level of detail is possible. We do not need to create skins for countries, air forces and all that stuff. First good base skin needs to be created. All colorful work, decals, users, etc is a song of the future. Time here is not an essence so time schedule is quite flexible. No need to hurry. But If you want new KC-10 in-game..then some work needs to be done. Somehow, someday. Maybe skin will be done while I will not have a chance to work on the model...but still, this is progress. I do not expect that crazy mob will run toward this project...as this is just a useless tanker. But maybe someone would like to gain some skills - as I point this message mostly to young users here at CA. Here is your chance to start to do some modding. Of course, you will need to have gimp, photoshop or similar graphic editor. And of course, the will to participate in this project is needed. I do not want to force someone to do that or put pressure. I can provide reference photos, tips and general support. Perhaps some other reference would need to be researched. Another thing is that I never (yet) exported this model into the game - so some data.ini work is needed also. And here is a sample of layouts. I know that you old farts CA modders are quite busy with your own projects. But as I said before I am hoping that some new users will have a will to participate. Anyway. We will see.
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    F-4G from the 561st TFS make a visit to GAF Pferdsfeld AB
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    There are loads of Jet Provost and Strikemaster skins out there on the FSX sites that only take about 5 minutes to convert for Russo's Provosts as he has kindly kept the same mapping as Rick Piper's original. Saudi Arabia Oman Ecuador Another New Zealand skin RAF from various time periods.. And some civilian owned display birds This desert camo skin could be converted to be used by Oman, or Dhimar..
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    In November 2016 my book "Mi-24" was released by the german publishing house MOTORBUCHVERLAG. And so it looks. 207 pages full of informations and photos. (Weight 1.050 gram, for our american friends more than 2 pounds.) Written in german language. Some guys asked me here in the forum, whether there would be an english edition. And here it comes: published by Schiffer Publishing in January 2020 Price 39,99$ Includes: the history of Mi-24 development, from the first steps of the "flying Infantry fighting Vehicle" concept, over the Mi-24 prototypes to all Mi-24 versions (21 at least). A walkaround and detailed description of the Mi-24. The armament, including short development history of guns and missiles used by Mi-24s. The Mi-24 tactics developed for the war in Central Europe (written after east german Mi-24 combat drill manuals) The soviet tactics in Afganistan and the fight against the Stinger. A short comparision between Mi-24 and american attack helicopters of the timeframe (AH-1, AH-56, Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk, AH-64A) The Mi-24 in worldwide use with focus of Germany, but of american use of Mi-24 too. Hope you enjoy it!
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    Kiddos remember, when dog-fighting, use your flaps!
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    F-4G_78 Cockpit , all Radar mods are working now including the Switches for it , and some missing items are now installed at the rear of the Cockpit
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    Some new, some from my backup
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    An ugly payload droped somewhere over the Pampa makes kaboom Okay, its far away from precision. But cheap and simple.
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    When you read the group of Argentine modders, just say Torno, I have been creating these models for quite some time Screen capture required
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    At Osprey Publishing they will now do a special every week, for 4 weeks in a row. In those weeks you get five of their ebooks for free. In pdf or epub format or both. The selection for this week is as follows: - CBT 8: US Marine vs Japanese Infantryman by Gordon L. Rottman - DUE 65: Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7 by Dmitriy Khazanov, Aleksander Medved - ELI 110: Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224–642 by Kaveh Farrokh - RAID 37: Blackbeard’s Last Fight by Angus Konstam - WPN 26: The Martini-Henry Rifle by Stephen Manning Link: https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_1/
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    nuevo ARA 25 DE MAYO, en construcción
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    Protectors of the french empire in Africa...
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    New updates on recent progress. First of all, apologies to keep you guys waiting. Unfortunately, RL is a toll for everyone. The add-on will be ready when it's ready. From time to time new things that need improvement are found, but we're almost there. @yakarov79 has been instrumental in making the new cockpit 3d model; me and him have constantly worked together to bring you a nicer, more realistic Raptor cockpit; by realistic, I mean that MFDs have got a new layout to better resemble what the real Raptor's cockpit has got, within SF2 engine limitations of course. Julhelm has been very kind to allow yakarov79 to improve upon his previous 3d model. Here below a few comparison shots: Old cockpit 3d model by Julhelm, avionics by Crusader New cockpit 3d model by yakarov79, textures by yakarov79 and yours truly; avionics update by Crusader, reworked by yours truly. Since the package will keep you waiting some more, I added new extras to it; the skin pack will feature the below skin, directly inspired by Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Such a Raptor skin was part of a DLC of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.
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    Put this even If the B-51 never passed the proto status, after all it flew, even If not in operational squadrons. What could have been... Had to be the spearhead of the NATO attack on a radar site... The B51 is a fun to fly, is pretty unforviging, specially at low alts and speeds. Crossed the border.. Target hit Getting back to base.
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    Outstanding - Talk about a BUMP in immersion factor!...........Well done! Mandatory Pic:
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    Aussie, Mirages F.1 patrolling the skies over Timor, 1983...
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