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    Full ready Tonka squadron for flight !
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    Guess better finish these after the Pak Fa..
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    back to the F-5A , the excellent aircraft model is getting some new 150 gallon drop tanks
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    Mirage F1 with CT-51F Caiman ecm-pod
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    Bantam Bomber I think we should stop bombing the Bantams. They've done us no harm.
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    Pavel..."Fuckski Putinski.."..... Yuri..." Da,itski fuckingski freezingski comrade"
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    okee dokee... wont be for while as ive still to finish the pak fa...not far off now...and a suprise...then will finish this....needs some work as it was given to me by a moddeler and im converting it. plus a few other goodies.
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    Apparently it's Top Gun Day today. Compliments of the season to you all! http://www.topgunday.com/ 'Holy sh*t! It's Viper!'
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    SIGINT mission over the Baltic...
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    USAF F-35A with its brand new Sidekick racks increasing the number of internally-carried AMRAAMs from 4 to 6.
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    After the release of the first CF-100 package, here is a glimpse of things to come for the Belgium Air Force (WIP)
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    Special K (OK, OK. I'm a cereal screenshot poster)
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    Hi Community! You may (and must) know Piecemeal's Desert V.4. Well, I love it, soy I decided to add targets and make some minor modifications to air bases, target areas, etc.. So, here it goes my humble attempt. Please note this is just a try, there are things to polish, specially an annoying issue as regards AAA. The seem to appear randomly, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Piecemeal's original terrain can be found HERE Thanks Piecemeal!! I have worked with Mue's excellent Target Area Editor. I am posting this to know your opinion, and suggestions are more than welcomed! Y hope you like it This is RAF Canopic and Canopic city, Canopic UK Headquarters and Canopic Port
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    I've been updating Heberth's Raptor mod with new skins, loadouts, sounds, etc. The model had been released in alpha stage here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/66398-wip-mega-thread/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-645422 The aircraft's 3d model is very fine. I also added all released updates shared at the WIP thread, including russouk2004's new normal maps. However, the 3d model misses external pylons! Heberth said he would have released the .max files, but only Modders have access to the Modders Round Table. I would need the help of a 3d modeler to create those, either completing Heberth's shared .max files, or by creating the pylons separately, to be added via Fake Pilot method or as weapons. An FM guru would also be needed; it seems thrust vectoring is modelled, but the animations won't work on the engine nozzles. Here below some screenshots of the work I've done; I added reworked decals from viper63a's Raptor pack (the one using the old, lower poly model by Dels), and I created a fictional YF-22 paint scheme for it.
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    Migs and more migs...cant have enough migs...
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    the RF-5A nose is in work and the basic shape is done , the problem here is that this part is not as easy as the drop tanks and that modding is no longer my first prioity , firts is real life and my grandson , second is modding , so be patient i will make that recce-nose but not in 1 week work i still have to finish - Mirage F1 ecm and recce pods - F-5A recce nose - Tornado (guuruu) Brimstone and Brimstone tripple launcher - Spitfire Mk IX ( for Wrench ) - F-4G series and Cockpits Weapon Pack 3 RF-8 and Cockpit this short list are only the most important items there are still many more that needs to be worked on , the Weapons pack 3 is already split in to 2 parts , Bombs / Missiles / etc. and Rocket pods and Rockets there are still so many items for each pack that i have to finish
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    Hello Stratos, she's been 99,9 % finished for nearly 2 years.. it's some tedious detailed texture work on things like wheel wells and ejection seat mechanism etc.. that need to be done; I'm trying to find the time but Real Life is a bitch!!! I've promised myself to find the time over the summer and get her out to the community. The RF-5a still needs the nose to be modelled properly (hopefully I or RavenClaw, who has contributed immensely to this product, will take another stab at it.. ..and believe it or not, I've even got the F-5B at 75%. Thanks for your incredible patience all
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    Do you believe in Angels ? Few wrinkles to iron out...somehow when exporting I accidently moved rear fuselage a tad lolz...also...anyone know can I set up rockets that fire from the ports on the plane ?...didnt the starfire have internal rockets? ps...cant remember does ini spec settings over ride 3dsmax ones I seem to recall they do if present. ?...soon as finished,back to the Pak-Fa...this was the suprise I mentioned btw lol..
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    Heinkel He-227 Sturmfalke, II/JG 7 Nowotny, 1945 Aircraft displays an experimental 3-color-splinter camo.
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    Mommy, i am ugly. Birth me back, please.
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    some more , this time they are for the NF-5A


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