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    more F-4G testing , F-4G on a nuclear strike ( yes she can ) first go after the air defence threats , then after the target , the DSU-94/A special weapons panel ist done and working
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    making a aircraft and bring it in to the game is difficult enough but making a cockpit and try to get it work is a pain in the a..... F-4G_early cockpit , still a long way to go
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    I ll try and get these checked and uploaded soon too..
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    trainings mission at the range
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    AV-8B at the range , having fun with CBU`s and testing the new AN/ALQ-164
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    Walleye II "Fat Albert" at the Range
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    Counting sheeps on Faroer islands (WIP).
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    Indonesia LowVis Camo...TA-4H/J 2-Seaters are next.
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    how about this 2 depth charge , they should be able to do the work , some more in work
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    Just another rocket test........................
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    I know they are terribly incorrect and maybe even wrong... but I just needed more colour for my F-5 aggressors... ;-)
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    I don't fly anymore, that often. But when I do, I still enjoy it!
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    I'm getting ready to roll out a new release of our software. This is a huge undertaking and I hope to minimize down time. I'll keep this topic updated as things get closer or might interrupt our user experience. Your understanding and patience is appreciated during our remodel. Best regards, E
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    Panavia Tornado FGR.2 - No.41 Squadron, RAF, 1991
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    Some more Asian Scooters...this time from Indonesia! Actually this was the first mod I release here a looong time ago (with the help of dtmdragon - Dan ) - Now it's time for an update!
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    Hunter over the Shetlands. (Faroe Islands terrain WIP)
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    Something different...a Northrop F-89J Scorpion of the 124th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Iowa ANG unit based out of Sioux City Airport, circa 1969.
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    Upgrading an old aircraft: Wolf's Bf 109F-4. Data.ini updated and corrected, skins are WiP. This old model has some issues, making it quite hard to skin. But I like it, since this is the only freeware F-4 we have.
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    An AI controlled CF-100 fires some air to air rockets and actually hits what he's aiming at. I got the one in the lower left corner. I also hit some hangars and barracks and destroyed a friendly fuel truck but they can't prove it.
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    And screen that won competition for loading screen for AMI 'Locusta' version . Also Spinner's job.
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    Panavia JA-38 Tornado - F7, Svenska Flygvapnet, 1992 Thanks Guuruu!
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    Yes, one more thing Underground Air Base Bunker.
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    Playing around with the water effects...flooded fields and a bit of train sim


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