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    Shortly Now in a download section near you!
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    Version 1.0.01


    Fiat G.91 Gina Pack (R.3, R.4 & T.3) I´m happy that after a long time these babys are finally out. 1st of all I want to thank ErikGen, Stary & Ravenclaw 007, without you guys this would never been released. Thank you so much guys. 2nd read the f***ing readme!!!! WHAT´S IN: - 8 new Planes (Versions of R.3, R.4 & T.3) with 53 skins - new Cockpit - new weapons CREDITS: - ErikGen - 3D modeler of the planes - Stary - Cockpit - Ravenclaw007 - new weapons & ini dance - Soulfreak - paintwork, ini dance, screens etc. TO INSTALL: - extract into your mod / objects folder Remember, this is only a Beta version. 3D model can´t changed, due to the fact that ErikGen is no more active in the SF2 world. Flight model should be tweaked, but I´m not the guy who can do it. Schapen, September 13th 2019 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    All planes datas are checked and corrected to remove unbalance cause of pods weight. Avionics update for all models. All soon ... end of September I think, common with MFG IDS .
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    Who wants to be a Millionaire? No. 601 (County of London) Squadron (RAuxAF) , the "Millionaires" 1956.
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    Beautiful! Well done Pappychksix. Forgot to mention Daddyairplnes A-37 package here @ CA. This skin is a work in progress, I've been tinkering with it for quite a while. Trying to represent the 604th commando SQDN, early on in the first part of the war. Job well done and thanks for your work on the 'HEAVIES'.....................Much appreciated! Also installed is the T-33_seat from ErikGen's T-33 package. And Soulfreek, & Wrench who tweeked it to what it is today...............Outstanding - thanks much! Hope I didn't miss anyone
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    WIP, new HUD for GR.4 ....
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    Old SFP1 good guy... flying interception mission from SF2 game !
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    Other shots of the Moon terrain. The environment system has been tweaked to allow for stars to appear even during daylight hours. Unfortunately, the stars are the same as seen from Earth, and a day lasts 24 hours as if it was Planet Earth. At least the gravity is correct. And "here" we have blue-ish sunsets... orange skies... hmm...
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    Tornado Outbreak........ Alert Pad Residents Wingman Follows... THIS is how you kill a runway And since I hate to bring high explosives home, let's create a serious FOD Hazard
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 F-4G(B) USN Pack 8/28/2019 -For SF2, Any and All (Full Merged Reccomended) This is a NEW aircraft, the F-4G(B) for the US Navy. There were F-4Bs modified with a automatic carrier landing system during their Oct 1965-June 1966 deployment in South East Asia aboard USS Kitty Hawk. They were painted in an experimental green camoflauge, as were many other aircraft of CVW-11 in this time frame. Once upon a time, I know we had this aircraft for 1stGen SF, but have been unable to locate it. So, I rebuilt it, and now present it you all to enjoy. This is a complete aircraft, based off the F-4B_65, so make use you have this bird in your inventory. This aircraft uses all stock 3w items. The skin is in jpg format, in 2048x, from Sundowner's templates. 12 100% historically accurate Bunum decals are included. Decal randomization is TRUE. This aircraft is given a full year's operational time frame, "1965-1966" in the data ini, even if not historically correct (read: easier). New, aircraft specific hangar and loading screens are provided. Is should be noted, this mod was started in 2011, and got lost. I do NOT remember who created the original skin I worked from, or the decals (which have been refreshed to remove ghosting around the edges), So I cannot take full credit for this mod (see "Notes" for more speculations). When in-game, on the aircraft selection drop down, you'll see: F-4G(B) Phantom II (USN) This will differentiate it from the USAF F-4G Wild Weasel, and make sure you know it's a Navy bird. As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. Happy Landings! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    After a long hiatus, going back to the Range to get back into the flow of things.
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    Agree to disagree. First of all, those 3d models are bad, they do not match SF2 quality standards in any way, have no cockpits, are low poly and do not have transparent canopy glass as it should be in reality. I do not understand all the people asking TK for more content, at the funding page. Either they do not understand what the funding is all about or I don't know what, really. We have so many high quality mods here that cover so many world scenarios. Some of you may remember that there was an Expansion No. 3 planned by TK, about the Mirage F1. It didn't materialize, yet in turn we got amazingly detailed Mirage F1 models by the community here, for free. As yakarov79 said, we modders can handle the content part; we may almost feel offended if so many ask TK for more content; I mean, what have we been doing all these years here at CA? Many of us here have continuously provided new stuff, the lifeblood and backbone of SF2. On my part I think I have released some decent quality terrains and miscellaneous mods and I have others on the way, all for free.
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    Tupolev Tu-98A 'Backfin' - Soviet Air Force, 1979
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    Nocturnal "Redbird"...B-57G of the 13th Bomber Squadron, 8th TFW out of Ubon RTAFB, December 1970. (Hard to see I know, but it's supposed to be that way.)
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    RB-57E Canberra...before they were known as Patricia Lynn aircraft, June 1963
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    Lot of flights to update flight model ;-)
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    Martin B-57C Canberra dual control operational trainer of the 3510th Combat Crew Training Squadron.... And from the 765th Bomber Squadron, 461st Bomber Group...B-57B Canberra
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    17 September 1944, Operation Market Garden gets underway...
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    VVS Mig-23M found a target flying at high altitude and fired a single AA-7A Apex missile. The enemy F-4E tries to evade the missile but at high altitude its maneuverability is limited... AA-7A hit and destroyed the target
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    In principle I like the idea of crowdfunding. But in this case I wonder... 1.)...why TW started a "Keep It All" campaign instead of a "All or Nothing" campaign, since the goal of $25K was already stated? 2.)...why the Windows 10 update is so expensive? I thought the games (unsupported) run already on Windows 10. Is the update to DirectX 12 really necessary? I think Windows 10 supports DirectX10 quite well. 3.)...why the campaign is only two weeks long? I really doubt, that the $25K can be reached in this time.
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    Version 1.0.0


    In the '50 several south american countries entered in jet age with the Shooting Star This huge skinpack portaits these airforces: - Brazil (33 delivered starting in 1958, withdrawn from service in 1973) - Chile (30 delivered from 1958 on, last ones retired from service in 1974) - Colombia (16 delivered starting in 1958, retired by 1966) - Ecuador (16 delivered between 1957 and 1960, six returned to the United States in 1965) - Peru (16 delivered starting in 1958, the type was phased out in 1973) - Uruguay (17 delivered, withdrawn from use in 1971) Why this little, quite heavy (see the FACh camo skin ...) effort? Because this is a fantastic, maybe underated, model made by great 3D master Erikgen and these exotic skins are pretty. (Aren't they?) <ENRICO CI MANCHI!> WHAT'S IN: - 13 new skins - Historical Serial numbers - Brazilian Playcards ... CREDITS: - Enrico Gennari aka "EriKgen" plane model - Kenin Stein aka "Wrench" original FAC skin used as a base from my own house templates - Geary aka "Geary" for some layers I was able to extract from his temps I couldn't use due my old PS suite INSTALL: - You must have Erikgen F-80C installed - deliver all files inside "to mod folder" folder to your own mod folder (isn't it easy?) Carpe diem .... and fly higher and higher, please. @paulopanz
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    Went sight-seeing today!
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    ahem...in the free 3ds models from Alpha....needs a lot of work...everything is there...gears etc...just needs a lot of polys welding...etc etc....3ds tends to seperate polygons from each other...smoothing reveals how many meshes are intact...a lot are...but some meshes need rejoining....if someone wants a project...im too busy atm...mebbe after xmas This pic after I smoothed out some meshes...and re orientated the model to SF export position.
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    The end of the Soviet Air Force base at Finsterwalde, GDR.
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    A-4C from VA-12 Flying Ubangis in 1970. The last A-4C in Vietnam (together with the ones from VA-172 on the same Carrier).
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    Some days ago a Kusnetsov carrier was uploaded. The guy, who made it wrote, that he had some problems with the data.inis. In the last days i tried to modify the inis, so that the carrier would be usefull. As i'm not a skilled object maker, it is a little bit difficult for me. But i want to show you the results which i have reached so far. Tactical number added on bow, catapults reduced to 2, instead 4, skin moved to a seperate folder, names list added Corrected position of bow effect corrected position of wake effect, changed shipsmoke to dark and placed on correct position Problem to solve: the planes are always coming in to high and will not land on deck. Kuznetsov ini files WIP.7z Has someone any ideas, how to bring the planes to land? Still to do: the whole weapon system.
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    US Wings over the... Faroe Islands ! Thanks a lot !!!
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    now with service out of Washington state... on a related note, after the recent break I'm looking at working on the final years of SAC to get back into modding. BUFFs, Switchblades, early Bones. If anyone wants to assist with the antennea farms via fakepilot Looking Glass and Nightwatch should be in the works too.
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    All dressed up with nowhere to go - Eagle Claw F-4Ns
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    I never finished it. the level of detail in the cities set a standard...
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    SEA camouflage Buccaneer in progress When it's complete, I'll upload the following: RAAF Blackburn Buccaneer S.22 RAF camouflage (standard roundel) RAF camouflage (low visibility roundel) RAF wraparound camouflage RAF late grey Operation Damask camouflage (desert pink) Daytime SEA camouflage (as used by the F-4E) Night SEA camouflage (as used by the F-111C) Gunship Grey Squadron markings for: 1SQN 2SQN 6SQN Generic SEA Buccaneer Daytime SEA camouflage (as used by the F-4) Night SEA camouflage (as used by the F-111)
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