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    Added some more detail to the Qarata Rafale texture (Thanks to @compufat )
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    Work on progress Fixed the cockpit to almost the correct size
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    A bit of Su-24 Advance: Now it looks like a Fencer Elevons are completed now Bumps and lumps for the tail still on the to-do's The pain... i mean... the landing gear is started Corrected windshield glass Aft fuselage is added detail More polys for the main landing gear doors, the insides are still to be made Shape is beautiful! Hope you have patience guys... It will be worth!!!
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    Complete the C & B ladder
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    my F-4E_70 cockpit has now his ejection seat , still early and some items are still missing
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    the new F-4E model is coming hopefully before the year ends , F-4E up to F-4E_78 are done including the respective cockpits always good to look at the pictures , just notice a small problem on the walkway outline on the front / air intake ( is fixed already )
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    Mirage F1EJ is uploaded and will be available soon. The usual preview by Coupi :
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    AB and Engine, started: The Tail has all their bumps and lumps (I think)
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    I will be working on JAT81500 amazing Dassault Rafale model to add some minor improvement to bring it to my last release standard of the Typhoon. I am really honored to be working on the Rafale model that wad made by our talented friend JAT81500 and his amazing model. I will be learning a lot from JAT81500 work. Also I would like to thank ravenclaw_007 for helping me get the 3ds Max files.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net https://gulfknights.net What's included: Eurofighter Typhoon 2000 with 2 textures set Kuwait and Qatar. improvement on the Beta in 3ds Max by me: Pilot with BAE helmet system Refueling probe Added a drag parachute A new PIRATE system was added to the 3ds Max model Towed decoy added pilot ladder and engine cover and remove before flight tags Added miner addon to the model and fixed some model miner 3ds model imperfections Added 2 lod 001 and 002 lod All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.LOD) and the texture required. (tested and work only for SF2) Installation: Copy files to their proper folder //Please add to Soundlist (If you don't have the WAV sound added) under the Flight directory and change the XXX with the correct number [SoundList] SoundFileXXX=J79Burner [J79Burner] Priority=NORMAL 3DSound=FALSE FrequencyControl=TRUE NumBuffers=1 Looped=TRUE If you need any further help, please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ Shift+1 to open canopy Shift+2 Deploy refueling probe Shift+4 Deploy the towed decoy Virgin 1.0.1 Minor fix in 3ds Max for the LOD file fixing the textures setting and changes made to the Specular/Glossiness/Reflection Big thanks to bazillius for his help understanding more things for setting up the material in 3ds Max for jets. Just download GK_KAF_QAF_Typhoon_Beta_02.zip and overnight the old files with the new one. Virgin 1.0 LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included for personal non-profit use for Strike Fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Credit goes to the following: Coupi for reworking the data files, fixing hitboxes, improving the RWR system, improving increased magnification of the camera, the visual of the IRST/PIRATE system, and testing. Compufat for working on the 2 textures, Decals and testing the model. Sundowner for sending me the 3ds Max file and the Photoshop files Pilots: GKABS (3D models) and Ludo.m54 (texture) Bongodriver for giving me his permission to use his beautiful Eurofighter Typhoon model and add the update/upload file to the community Original Beta credit form ace888 readme file: EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon "BETA" Pack "All work is done by me (ace888) with the exception of the credits given to the people below: Bongodriver - Aircraft/Seat/.LODs and most of the .INIs (with tweaks by me) ChrisBV - Pilots (I slightly modified the skin) Florian/JAT - Pilot Ravenclaw - Weapons (I modified one of the weapons to make the GBU-48B) FastCargo - Fakepilot Eagle114th - Wingtip vortex (I modified both the skakey/straight vortex effects, also can use both at the same time) Spillone104 - Engine sounds Third Wire for making this outstanding game." Finally not to forget the wonderful site of https://combatace.com and all the nice members and their dedicated support for this game. Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop Mixamo If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net gulfknights.net
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    RAF Fairford: the Red Arrows have just arrived in time to watch the Nimrod's display rehearsal begin.
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    Most of you that have played any of my terrain mods, know of the placement of "hot dog stand" (in it's various incarnations and names) scattered across the landscape. Well, in looking up some of the airports/bases on mainland China, I came across this image. Now, I'm not talking about the 2 J-10s, but the 'red pinned' tag in the lower right. the "Muchung Beef Shop" might be that building just below the title. Since, that's "My Thing" to do, could it be that the powers that be in China know of my penchent for placing resturants everywhere? And will I get paid for my idea???? The world may never know!!!
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    Really like the RealSky mod ,give us an excellent screenshot background. This bird is almost ready,as the J-20.It's just that there are still a few little problems bugging me, I think they'll be released at the same time once everthing done.
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    This is not the usual Phantom hunting ground:
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    F-15EJ, 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron, JASDF
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    Sam Suppression Mission in the EA-6B. Love the scheme. Coming back to the boat, everything was like oil on glass, and I'm already congratulating myself on a kick-a$$ landing. And just at the end of the deck...I sneezed. Pushed the stick over, hit the fantail, things went to hell, and that was all she wrote. The best description of the crash went something like this....
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    I was outbound on a SAM Suppression mission with some of the new A-7 skins in DS, and on the way out I saw these. Maybe they were there on a USO Goodwill Tour.
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    Looking for an evental replacement for their extensive F-4 Phantom fleet, Iran was an early partner (and major finacier) of the development of the F-15. The Imperial Iranian air Force was the first overseas customer for the F-15 in 1973, beating even those loyal allies Israel and Japan. The IIAF purchased extensive numbers of both single- and two-seat versions, with the F-15As (soon upgraded to F-15Cs) being primarily operated in the air to air role, and the F-15B/D versions taking the the strike, CAS, SEAD and other air to ground roles. The F-15C squadrons had a friendly rivalry with the F-14A Tomcat squadrons over who could make the most intercepts of Soviet MiG-25 overflights, and gained the type's first kills, shooting down 2 Iraqi MiG-21s for no loss in a brief clash over disputed Shatt-al-Arab waterway soon after coming into service. The Iranians also took delivery of a number of the new FAST packs and those F-15Ds permanently fitted with them were termed the F-15D+ With the revolution in 1979 and the subsequent war with Iraq the plans for shelving the F-4s were dropped and as attrition of all types took it's toll, both single and dual seater F-15 versions of the renamed IRIAF fought hard in all of the roles given to them. the F-15D+ was especially sought after for SEAD missions and long range strikes deep into Iraqi territory, and ultimately became legendary in Iranian media and culture after it's part in the precision strike on the H3 airfield complex. As the Iranian F-15 fleet soldiered on into the 1990s and then the new century with international sanctions continuing to bite, a combination of Iranian espionage against US companies (leveraging the relationships between Iranian and US aerospace engineers going back to before the revolution), component purchases from China, a daring operation by Iranian Special Forces to recover the wreckage of a USAF F-15E downed over Iraq during OIF, and the defection of a Saudi pilot with his F-15S (and the body of his WSO, killed in his seat by the pilot as he leaned over to help strap the WSO in) enabled the Iranians to replicate, in looks if not full capability, the sensor/targetting pods of the F-15E Strike Eagle on their F-15D+ models. The upgraded aircraft were termed F-15D++ or 'double plus'.. In the late 2010s and into the 2020s the fleet was further upgraded with additional ECM and weapons capabilities and, like the rest of the IRIAF's combat aircraft, received a new grey camouflage scheme... At the time of writing the IRIAF F-15 fleet continues to serve, and negotiations with both China and Russia for it's relacement by a package of either J-10/J-16/J-20 or Su-30/Su-35/Su-57 respectively are still ongoing...
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    did you guys know that you can just play this game too? i mean, just fly missions with stock birds?
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    Kfir FAE jungle camouflage Cenepa conflict
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    Well, well, well............... Today I gota refponse fwom TK sayin that SF3 wood be out later this yer......wud I like to be a beeta tester...............OUCH!!! X**%**xx!!!! Hi this is Ant's wife..............dont take any notice of him....................he's been having a few beers & they've "reacted" with his medication..................
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