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    Mach Loop , Buccaneer S2B going low and fast
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    Flying these days is much more enjoyable...
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    Bored with flyers... so moved back to targets...just Labour Day laziness... to add to my SA-3 system... 5P73, 5W27, and PR-14A
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    We're nearly there gentlemen.. I'll try to put a small update log together later this week.. so much terrific work has been done by the team! Baffmeister has been brilliant; putting the final touches on his F-5a flight model, Crusader has been responsible for much of the avionics work ..(more on that later!) and ofcourse, RavenClaw; who has made the RF-5a model possible (which I have to admit I'd failed on numerous attempts!) Currently been focused on completing the textures on the first release pack which will feature Hellenic Air Force liveries from the 60s to the 90s.. pretty close, I think.. and 1 more.. Regards, Sophocles
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    C-177D.....on list to do...started and its 25% done.....do bits between the stuff currently doing...will have cockpit too but might be after.
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    NATO Weapons meet, Larrissa, Greece 1972..
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    German Bomber over London Docks. (small picture shows original BoB footage) Screenshot from Battle of Britain 2 "Operation Seelöwe" terrain (WIP)
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    After more than a year from its first release, the much appreciated realSKY mod has received a major update. This is a glimpse of what to expect; Added different cloud textures for each weather type. Rebalanced sky colours; twilights have been reworked to be more dramatic and atmospheric, whilst keeping realism as the main aim. Here below, screenshots taken during Scattered weather (plus two suggestive shots with Broken weather). Notice the different cloud texture between the two, and the complete twilight transition. Following a suggestion by baffmeister, the realSKY mod will now include alternative files which provide different weather effects for Inclement; you can choose between thunderstorm (default), sandstorm (for hor, desert terrains) and snowstorm (for cold, icy terrains). Reworked rain effects; lightnings are now rare, added new rain drops as a camera view effect. Added alternative environment files for snowstorm and sandstorm effects. Screenshots show the new effects (especially the ones that look best when the camera is fixed). Sandstorm weather features darker, brownish fog. Snowstorm features a brighter fog than thunderstorm. Suggested by tiopilotos, the mod now will feature additional tweaks for some stock game effects, namely contrails, wingtip vortexes and exhaust emitters. Added better contrail effect (thanks to EMCON360 for an old comment on the subject). Added improved wingtip vortex effect (credits to Eagle114th). Added new exhaust emitter effects (credits to viper63a and NeverEnough). Contrails are no longer flat; they are volumetric and expand as much as possible, within the limitations of the game engine. Wingtip vortexes are brighter, more varied and longer. Those effects now use their own textures, instead of using the same texture for different purposes as in the stock SF2 game.
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    The original request for the Pearl Harbor National Memorial came from Wrench here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/94790-3d-object-request/?tab=comments#comment-767482 Today in the United States it is Memorial Day. A time to remember and honor those who have died in service to our great nation. And specific to this request, “The USS Arizona Memorial, at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii, marks the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors and Marines killed on USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and commemorates the events of that day.” I unexpectedly found some free time, and have been working relentlessly to get my version in a decent condition so I could post an update today. Everything has been scratch built including most of the texture work. It started off as just a quick hull mesh, but as time went on, I felt a sense of honor and patriotism in creating this – and that’s when things evolved. With the state it’s in, dare I say you can even take a fairly convincing virtual walk-through of the memorial – overkill perhaps but I found it extremely gratifying. I’m still making some overall form tweaks and other updates, but am proud to be sharing the latest progress especially today and hope it is a proper tribute.
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    AN/M57A1 with conical fin assembly
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    Getting there...new bumps and specs .few tweaks and we`re in business...meanwhile...
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    Will share more details later...but coming soon finally a proper overhaul and respect for a London legend...
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    First for anti-aircraft: Roland anti-aircraft Flakpanzer-Gepard Radar: P-40 radar Other: Toyota truck with different armament. UAZ-3741 I have other ones but these I have started doing some work on.
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    Ракета 5В21А there is light in the tunnel for Vega.
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    Formation of 4 Mirage IIIEZ fly low level to avoid early radar acquisition... Their target is a training camp in Cahama. They dropped bombs Anti-aircraft artillery was expected... ZU-23s were seen firing from two different directions... SA-7 gunners were also present... However even though almost all missiles tracked the targets, Mirages accelerated and missiles missed... During the last raid a single Mirage released its ordnance and started accelerating while climbing... Only seconds before impact an another pilot saw a small missile getting very close... Mirage IIIEZ suffered critical damage and was shot down... While the formation was returning back to base they realized that an another aircraft had been hit by 23mm guns at right wing... Damaged aircraft landed safely and grounded for the necessary repairs. After some days it became operational.
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    So after reading the pilots notes for the F.1, F.2A and F.6 and looking at gunsight camera pictures it turns out the gun sights and event markers are all based off the Lightning F.53 So here they are corrected: F.1, F.1A, F.2, F.2A fitted with 'Pilot Attack Sight" F.3 fitted with 'Light Fighter Sight Type 2 Mk. 2 F.6 fitted with 'Light Fighter Sight Type 2 Mk. 3 F.6 fitted with 'Light Fighter Sight Type 2 Mk. 3 and later service 'event markers'.
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    I was 8 and in Warsaw Pact when they started their duty .. Now I'm 49 and in NATO ... and they are still flying ...
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    F-4G 69-7582 from the 23rd TFS of the 52nd TFW
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    After completed mission landing at RAF Tangmere.
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    All Out Fighters Attack!!! Hunting Rodan...
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    "Go Do, That Voodoo, That You Do, So Well"
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    British Aerospace Condor Mk.50 - 119 Squadron, Israeli Air Force, 1982 3D Model: Cocas Skin Credit: Nyghtflyer
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    Practice for D-Day somewhere over UK credit to Yakarov and others,especially Logan for assistance finally working correctly..
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    japanese fighters over Burma
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    Douglas Dakota C.3 - No.30 Squadron, RAF Transport Command, 1960 Skin Credit: Gerwin
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    Ok, some more details. Completely inspired by Gepard’s Operation Seelöwe work, a comment alluded to needing an upgraded London Bridge. Rightfully so, the one we have is archaic and definitely needs an overhaul. First – full disclosure and acknowledgement that the original base model mesh is not my work. It is based on a publicly available free source model with no author attributed. Next, that being said – like many free models, you get what you pay for. This model was an absolute bastard to work with and had countless issues. I mean endless open edges / unwelded verts, massive 8K+ poly pieces, double-faced/overlapping polys, incorrect texture mapping and God knows what else. So I created new scratch mesh pieces, brand new textures, new UVW mappings, fixed shadow issues and basically re-worked the whole thing over. Why? Well, I invested a lot of time researching and gathering reference photos/textures – but kept coming back to this option especially because it had some really great main texture pieces. This model will most likely never meet the level of quality I was hoping for, and I’m sure there will be some issues here and there. Unlike most of my stuff, this one is definitely tipping on the higher poly side but I plan to make some lower level .LODs and tune up performance eventually. In hindsight, wish I would have taken my friend Del’s advice when he said, sometimes the time to fix issues is better spent starting over – wise words indeed in this case. Having just started from scratch would have resulted in cleaner mesh topography and probably given me more satisfaction in the end. But it's good to at least be at a place where it's feeling "decent enough" and dare I say even rivaling some other flight sim payware additions like this one... OK, enough of all the boring details, right? On to the screenshots for you to enjoy! This will be available as an exclusive feature in Gepard’s Operation Seelöwe project – so stay tuned as his work progresses! As for future ideas – I eventually would really like to add in vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the bridge (but would need help researching era-specific vehicles) so more to come. In-Game Shots
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