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    Model about 80% rebuilt & remapped...... Pit........I hate working on pits, but its getting there, it'll never be 100% accurate though.
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    Another Su-17, now the early M series, failed flight, no joy on target :/
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    Not far from Sand Island, a flight of Harriers takes to the skies to provide CAP over Kure Atoll...
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    Post-apocalyptic Mad Cobra Max not flying but base on flyer.... just havin fun ...
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    Seeing as the Harrier FA2 was driving me nuts I decided to take a break from it and give this old girl a re vamp, this was the first aircraft I'd skinned from scratch and also the first MF factory bird I worked on. 2006 I think it was. Myself and Oli spent many nights discussing it. RIP my friend. A fair bit of max work needed doing and a lot has been remapped along with bump/spec maps etc.
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    Everything is brighter under a TROPIC MOON
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    Go-Go Hound Aglow. Fresh off Long Tall Sally (long legs and two great big…engines.) A fleeting invulnerability Shimmer of War Over the Cat's shoulder The New Guy Low Rider When in Persia Persian Rules Blowing in the Wind Bone Out
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    Hallo Guys, we are ready with a bunch of planes, but we would like to release them wit ha proper pit and not with a place holder. The pits are already in development by a very talented guy, known as "Logan" here at CA, the guy behind the upcoming Mirage 4K, im in contact with him. The progress is steady. Here we have the newest member of the Fitter family, reworked the details for the early version, Tailsection was rearranged too. The skin is done by my good friend Enoc
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    Souli´s hands on Jarek's Huey:
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    I've finished all the USAF squadrons skins except for 461st FLTS as a purely test unit. I used the serial number database to recreate all the serial numbers used by each unit (available here: http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-35/serials-and-inventory/). 4th FS, 388th FW, Hill AFB, UT 31st TES, 53d TEG, Eglin AFB, FL 34th FS, 388th FW, Hill AFB, UT 58th FS, 33d OG, Eglin AFB, FL 61st FS, 56th OG, Luke AFB, AZ 62d FS, 56th OG, Luke AFB, AZ 63d FS, 56th OG, Luke AFB, AZ 422d TES, 53d TEG, Eglin AFB, FL I've also fixed some details. I only need to do some .ini tweaking including loadouts and the pack will be ready for release.
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    A-4 Skyhawk´s with slanted twin rocket-pod assemblies
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    i know the date: in two weeks mandatory screenie
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    Version 1.0.0


    as requested i upload here some of my new rocket-pods as twin left and right assemblies , to use them you may have to edit the data.ini of the selected aircraft rocket-pods includet are - Aero - 7D - LAU - 3A - LAU - 3A/A - LAU - 3C - LAU - 10A to install copy the included weapons files to you Weapons mod folder and let overwrite if asked to if you encounter any problems feel free to contact me have fun , ravenclaw_007
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    Some Dr. Sukharno brand new toys ...
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    On this date, 27 July 1972, the McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle (Serial Number 71-0280) took to the air for the first time over the desert at Edwards AFB, California. (As a side note: today is also my wedding anniversary) 46 years later, with thousands of sorties flown, only 4 have been lost to enemy action and it's air to air combat record is over 100 to ZERO, the best of ANY combat aircraft in history!
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    A work in progress terrain of mine, Midway Atoll + Kure Atoll. Don't ask for any release date, still a lot of work to do with it. Mandatory screenies, scramble mission over Midway Atoll:
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    And here it is finally. I am not going to release it until I'm finished with all F-35A USAF squadrons.
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    Well, take a look here, Su-17M2: Aaaaand if you were wondering... Su-22 More over, Su-22 for Peru with israeli modifications
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    The BM and SM on the Fitter is great some other SF2 action, what a great compilation of planes we have later i was shot down, but who cares
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    I'd like to present some early effects of my fork, let me know what you think. So far, I've only redone the top side of the fuselage. Before: and after:
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    I'm going to launch the submarines Guppy, Oberon and Foxtrot, this week, they are only targets for helicopters and planes, no one can expect them to attack any air or naval target and excuse my bad english.
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    New scenarios coming in 1 week (or the usual 2, who knows?). Gentlemen, get ready for battle! Today we show you one of three world hotspots where you may be deployed... Texas, American South Central (1968-2018) Supported by the Russians, Central American regimes stage an invasion of Mexico. The remnant of the Mexican military flees to the U.S. and fights alongside North American forces.
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    Ukroboronprom UV-1 Merlin - 39th Tactical Aviation Squadron, Ukrainian Air Force, 2018 The 'National Reorganization Process' was the rather grand name used by it's leaders for the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983 following the coup d'état of March 1976 and towards the late 1970's the military junta started an ambitious project to create three indigenous combat aircraft consisting of the FMA IA 63 Pampa trainer/attack aircraft, the IA 67 Córdoba light attack bomber and the SAIA 90 air superiority fighter. By 1980, FMA (Fabrica Militar de Aviones) and Dornier had already developed a working relationship as a result of their combined development of the FMA IA 63 and for the SAIA 90 they established a second project office in the city of Córdoba for the development, production and marketing of a new fighter aircraft design based on a preliminary design by Dornier which could then be adapted by FMA to the requirements of the Argentine Air Force. Dornier's design bore an overall likeness to the F/A-18 Hornet but featured a trapezoidal wing shape and was smaller overall and considerably lighter thanks to an even higher composite content. FMA estimated a lengthy development period of about10 years with a first flight of the prototype in 1989 and with deliveries following about two years later and this was judged to be acceptable. However, by 1981 FMA was in serious financial difficulties which led to Dornier exiting the partnership leaving FMA desperately searching for new partners during 1981 to 1983 including Aermacchi-Aeritalia, McDonnell Douglas and Fairchild but Argentina's severe financial problems saw the project placed on indefinite hold by President Raúl Alfonsín in January 1984. Despite this, the Chiefs of the General Staff of the Argentine Air Force secretly diverted funds from other areas of their budget into the project to keep the SAIA 90 alive during the hyperinflation of the late 1980's. In July 1989 the incoming President Carlos Menem promised to strengthen the Argentine Armed Forces and successfully tackled inflation with the 'Convertibility Plan' allied to a series of privatisations allowing him to announce on July 9th, 1992 that the SAIA 90 project would be relaunched as an indigenous project called ACA'96 (Avión de Combate Avanzado 1996) to replace the fighter fleet before the turn of the century. The Belavezha Accords of December 1991 declared that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics effectively ceased to exist and established the Commonwealth of Independent States as a successor entity. From this promising new beginning, relations between Russia and the Ukraine slowly deteriorated with disputes over the Crimea and then the city of Sevastopol due to it's role of being the home port of the Black Sea Fleet. Finally, a major dispute flared up over energy supplies and the Ukraine's huge gas debt arrears to Russia were paid off by the transfer of the nuclear-capable weapons that Ukraine inherited from the USSR and the Tu-160 strategic bombers and Su-27 fighters. During 1994 the Ukrainian Government sought a multi-role fighter aircraft that would not align them to either Russia or the West and identified the promising FMA ACA'96 design as being the best choice and opened up diplomatic talks with the Argentinian Government about licence-production of the ACA'96 in the Ukraine. With the Argentinian economy on another downward spiral agreement was quickly reached and the Kharkiv State Aviation Manufacturing Enterprise (later part of Ukroboronprom) was selected as the production facility but with all development and testing continuing to be done in Argentina. The prototype ACA'96, by now designated as the FMA IA 96, took to the air on May 25th, 1996 and finally entered service with the Argentine Air Force on November 20th, 1999. In Ukrainian service the aircraft is designated as the UV-1 'Merlin' and production aircraft entered service in 2002 with the 39th Tactical Aviation Squadron based at Vasylkiv, Kiev Oblast in Central Ukraine. Skin Credit: torno
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    German Panzer IV is up! Same story as the Sherman; it is from the same royalty free payware source. MG-34 by me. I re-uploaded both HEMTT models also. The color of the cab/base textures was adjusted to better match the trailers.
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    Whoa ! screenie... Maple Leaf Iroquois
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    All markings are currently painted on, I dont have enough information about serials unit codes etc to make up decals so I've just chosen a few pictures from the web for that individual aircraft. If anybody wants to make decal sets for them let me know.....
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    A situation is developing south of the Equator. Pilots, check your planes and prepare for refueling. We're heading to... Ecuador, Northwest South America (1981-1998) Border tensions between Ecuador and Peru have escalated, and both sides are increasing their military presence along the Cordillera del Cóndor area and Cenepa Valley.
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    While I DO love me some Mirages, the A-6 is still a blast to fly
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    Do335 has already done it. He (manually!) downloaded all threads with posts from TK from the thirdwire forums: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/85815-preserving-the-tw-official-forum/ His download link is dead now, but fortunately I found a copy of this package on my HD : Third Wire.7z
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    ...RIAT 2018 demo with some neat tricks
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    International excercises over Cyprus, 1964...


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