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    Raptors of the 199th Fighter Squadron "Mytai Fighters" from Honolulu, visiting the peaceful Midway Atoll...
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    The Foxbat project by Veltro2k ! WIP progress...
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    Remade my hangar screen model...if Mue could enable us to add 2 lods...maybe could add your own a\c to it....?...
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    A long time favourite of mine, I know we already have Skippy's old model but I'd like something a little more detailed,.....so........ A loooooooooong way to go........gear animation is driving me nuts.. Then the pit....
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    HOLY SH!T!!! (I think I sucked up my seat cushion.)
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    WIP report. The Kuz sinking after bomb hits. Kashtan flak systems are firing with guns. Kashtan is firing with gun while VLS launcher is firing a SA-9-N missile.
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    Hawker P1211 Royal Navy Version.... Hook,wingfold,refuel probe. no chute(RAF has) still testing and finishing templates...
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    This is coming soon with the new Air Base as well as other surprises ;)
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    A bit late for Phantom Phriday so I'll leave this one here..
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    So after another coat of Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish, we have this. But I rubbed all of the maintenance marks off so the crew chief is pissed. ( I thought those chock kickers knew where things were. :) )
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    Some new decals made by PeacePuma on the Kuz.
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    U.S. Navy QF-86F Sabre of the Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, CA
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    Fourty years ago... the Mirage 4000 flew !
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    Like a Timex......takes a whole pile of 50 cal and still landed in mostly one piece...out of gas.
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    Some Colorful Clunks inbound soon, for North American installs. I'm going to upload the CF-100 MK-4A first. It had the lower thrust Orenda 9 and is a bit of a cow so will phase it out about a year after the introduction of the MK-4B. I figure they would have upgraded the engines on the 4A's during any heavy maintenance checks. Skin credits to Frenchie1977! Somewhere over the Great White North. [the American part]
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    OH-58A Kiowa scout helicopter of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam. (WIP) (Thanks to Allenjb42 for his help with this skin.) Hunter Killer Team.
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    A few "Somewhere over New Dhimar" screenshots. Thanks to KJakker for resurrecting the thread with Mue's extended fade mod I actually tried it out this time and was really impressed! It adds a lot of visual depth to terrains and my old rig held up quite well over the coastal desert areas but noticeable frame rate hits when further inland over heavily treed areas. [over 1000 trees/buildings on some tiles] Ended up removing the mod to maintain frame rates during large fur balls but it was worth the look and it might get me computer shopping soon. The coastal desert area has been getting a major overhaul. All the farm tiles have been changed to orchards and moved into the mountain areas, with one exception. I never found the combination of desert and farm tiles very convincing on the stock terrain so I'm trying to get a drier desert look with some date palm plantations here and there and everything connected by roads. Will also be adding some building clusters along the roads and a few single tile walled towns in the flat areas along the main roads. Mue views, trees still showing color on the far side of the city: Over the Kerman Valley, the one desert area with farm/orchard tiles: The roads are getting some work but it's been a difficult process. The paved roads will be quite straight in the desert and high plains area but all the rest will have a more winding look. Just have to figure out how to do that! This has been a long slow project but once I get the coastal desert finished I'm going to work inland and fix all the other areas I'm not happy with while also doing some targeting. Definitely not "2 weeks". Maybe sometime in 2020 for version 1.
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    Su-25T From North Korea engaging South Korean ground forces.
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    B-26 Marauding over Germany, 1943. (Wrench's Original work - paint, decals now with new lines, rivets...)
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    Possible replacement for the Tonka.
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    Having several free models that can be put into the game but, time is needed as well as skill...
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    Royal Canadian Air Force Lancaster on RESCUE patrol. (i know real one's were not armed, but wanted to do this skin long time ago:))
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    Made nice hot blue AB effects....seen this colour on an Fmk6 years ago at Bruntingthorpe P1211 and the Vickers 553 by the time pressed F10 Then Tower view it was gone..man this thing can climb..
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    Work in progress. Some "near completed" skins for FE1/FE2. The first one is WIP skin for Avia B-534 as Hawker Fury of SCW time. I hope there will be official release of B-534 soon.
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    Red lightning bolts and grey parrots.


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