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    Next time you get a bright idea, Jack, put it in a memo!
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    I realized there are a few modders who make gorund objects nad, lets be clear, we love to smash some SAMs and other ground stuff, so I decided to finnish some models that I have in my HDD waiting, maybe they are usefull for some map campaign or anything that some people are planning to release, so here they are Pantsir family The new S-350 complex And an extra... the VHF radar of the Nebo-M russian radar complex
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    and finally the Mk.7(IRQ-7a) in game..with GKABS excellent pilot!
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    I should have just gone home...but my ego said nooooooooooooooo, you got this.
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    Time for a bit of flying today......
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    the intrepid Spaceman Spiff struggles to maintain altitude in his spacecraft...
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    F-4G from the 23rd TFS / 52nd TFW during Desert Storm , all squadron markings are removed / painted over
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    Version 1.0.0


    Bae HawkTmk1A cockpit for SF2 by me Russouk Hawk cockpit contents... Accurate ish pit of ealy Hawk cockpit before the SatNav box fitted to later versions. Instructions................ copy Cockpit folder,and avionics and Cockpit.ini to Hawk folder. Add this to the Hawk ini CockpitDataFile=T1A_Cockpit.ini AvionicsDLL=Avionics70.dll AvionicsDataFilename=HAWK_AVIONICS.INI Tested in new hawk model,so if you use my current model....open its data.in and copy pilots position to the new cockpit.ini...so... [CockpitSeat001] ModelName= OpenCockpit=FALSE Position=x.x,x.x,x.x Animations...controls... Shift and Zero opens canopy.... H (hook) ket turns on gauges lights....basic but works... Animated canopy latches,brake lever,pilot feet and rudders,and working stick. also notice pilots digital watch....scoth taped to hud lol...... Cockpit uses opencockpit=False to use default value remove the line from the cockpit.ini. [CockpitSeat001] ModelName=Hawk_Cockpit.LOD OpenCockpit=FALSE I prefer the setting included as it give illusion of real ish shadows etc..... Files are freeware and NOT to be used for any other purpose... also Files herein NOT to be uploaded outsie of CombatAce.com,under ayn circumstance,unless permission given. contact me at Russouk2004@gmail.com. Hope you like flying this pit....new hawk out soon...ish...time permitting. cheers.
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    Pesky Fly with a Deadly Sting!!!! Unleashing the NR-30
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    All, again with the excitement growing around Gepard's Operation Seelöwe project, I noticed an opportunity to make another contribution. This time, it's around supporting the outstanding UK airfields phase he is currently working on. So, I made a UK Type 2 WWII Hangar, which was a type of temporary military aircraft hangar introduced in early 1940. It was steel welded and bolted construction typically clad in galvanized corrugated iron sheets. The T2 became the standard temporary hangar and one of the most mass produced hangars for the RAF throughout WW2. Here is one version I came up, all mesh and textures built from scratch, based on this particular reference photo mainly. Spent a lot of time especially trying to get the textures compelling and making it extremely frame rate friendly - under 2000 polys with just a few textures and lower detail version just 200 polys. You should be able to place a lot of these to amp up the eye candy with minimal frame rate hit is the idea of course. Anyway, still have some texture tweaks and other mesh updates to do, but getting closer to finalizing so hope you like it for now.
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    Sukhoi Su-24P - 1st Bomber Regiment, Republic of Paran Air Force, 1990
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    Hmmm... The Final Countdown 2.
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    After more then 11 years i could get back to this project. Thank you Volker! Sadly only the ECM version was able to get from Volker´s back up. Still a long way to go. We have to redo Skins, FM etc... And a Cockpit is missing. :-( So maybe in 3 weeks.
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    I could do with a "volunteer" to give this thing a look over if any body has any spare time............
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    HMS Ark Royal . Unfortunately can't add any photo from landing, cause my night attempts have only 2 possible finals .. 1st, explosion on deck and 2nd, explosion in sea .
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    Decided to start off a new pilot career in the Royal Air Force, this is me and the instructor flying a Jet Provost T5B out of RAF Linton on Ouse, look how happy my instructor looks with my flying skills, not a care in the world
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    OV-10A of VMO-1 and VMO-2. Do we have a proper model of the 230gal Tank for the Bronco and some sort of templates for the OV-10D-model?
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    C-160F - done! File is awaiting approval.
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    I inherited lot (LOT) of Max files from @Lindr2 a few years ago, among them almost all of the Yak family and ventured myself to make my way in Max, here i am showing you the first ones, i´m still a long way to learn to master ir and i know @logan4 is having a hard time making tutorials for simple things, and countless questions, i hope i am in the right path:
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    Static F-16 ...
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    AL-7F done so far, that is a huge @$$ Now, let the mapping starts!
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    Tried the M-57 with conical fins from ravenclaw_007 as replacement for the Israeli 100 kg bombs and look fantastic!!!!
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    things like this are always helpful , Thank You Very Much , i finished the AN-M57 some days a go i just hope i got it right AN-M57A1_CF.7z
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    North American F-86D Sabre Dog - No.13 Squadron ('The Antelopes'), Royal Dhimari Air Force, 1955 Skin Credit: Wrench
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    AMX (Brazil and Italy)
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    On the bridge the executive officer was as nervous as he would ever get.
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    Hello! Three months ago I finished the radiotherapy and for the moment I am well, but there are secondary effects to the treatment and my recovery was in painfully slow increments. I didn't forget you all, I was thinking of you a lot when I was in my bed. Let's hope that the cancer won't come back. The tumor is gone but first 3 years doctors said it will be critic. I am staying positive and I am hoping for the better. Well about the project now. Baffmeister helped a lot fiddling the FM and the weapons problems. Since there was not time and inspiration to make it better in this time when I was gone, I will release it as it is, with improvements those made by Baffmeister. I hope you will forgive me , but It's been a long time since I was supposed to release it. PS - thank you for your support and your kind words. They helped and meant a lot to me guys. PPS - There was a thread in which were given solutions to that annoying thing of the game which copied over a plane files if the name of the folder was the same (the stock plane thing), I can't find it. If someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate. Thank you!
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    Few addons...form lites...spinning pod generators etc... few night shots....will pack it up later.


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